The other queue

For the past six months we have nonchalantly been telling anyone who asks us about next week’s referendum on Britain’s European Union (EU) membership that ‘it won’t even be close.’ We have been predicting a ten per cent victory (meaning 55 per cent voting remain) at the very least. With just a week to go… Continue reading The other queue

The Romanians Are Coming: Episode 2

Well it’s just finished, and it was very good. Watch it here: The episode centered on a nurse, Mihaela, who left what looked like a relatively comfortable life in Constanta to work in a nursing home in Sheffield. (In fact, she had been promised another, more glamorous gig elsewhere: it was only when she arrived… Continue reading The Romanians Are Coming: Episode 2

The snobbery behind the outrage

@bucharestlife @romaniansenglan The documentary didn't show doctors,engineers but only the poorest of the poor &gypsies. A hit job @cojocul — Andrea Manea (@andrea_manea) February 23, 2015 Argh!!!!!! Poor people!!!!!! We thought it a bit strange that some Romanians might object to a television series that portrayed Romanians as, erm, hard working, entrepreneurial and prepared to… Continue reading The snobbery behind the outrage

Immigrants of the world unite!

Why did we decide to move to Romania? There are various reasons, but one underlying motivation was the simple fact that at that time (1998) we had an opportunity to better ourselves. We were able to find work in Romania at a level we would probably have had to wait years to reach had we… Continue reading Immigrants of the world unite!

Live report from Romania: People still here

Imagine our surprise this morning when we woke up to discover that there are still millions of people living in Romania. After all, according to just about every news report in the more fascist parts of the UK press over the past six months or so (reports such as this), the entire population of Romania… Continue reading Live report from Romania: People still here

This whole immigration row is a needless distraction

So now it’s a full scale diplomatic row. Romania and the UK are at loggerheads over London’s perceived anti-Romanian (and Bulgarian) stance on immigration. As of January 1st next year Romanians and Bulgarians will have the same right to seek employment in the UK as currently enjoyed by all other European Union citizens. The UK… Continue reading This whole immigration row is a needless distraction

Britain is crap

Unless you spent today in an abandoned nuclear bunker with Lord Lucan and Nicolae Ceausescu, you will no doubt already know that the British government has floated the idea of running ads in Romania and Bulgaria portraying Britain as a bit of a crap place that nobody in their right mind would want to move… Continue reading Britain is crap