Sleeping With Sirens

Towns and cities across Romania have been testing their Cold War-era emergency/air raid sirens this morning. Most people (including us) heard absolutely nothing. Instead of being woken up by the impending doom of Russian nuclear weapons we slept through the whole thing, as did the Bucharest Life kids. A quick glance at Romanian social media… Continue reading Sleeping With Sirens

The joy of motoring in Romania

We’ve been on something of a Romanian odyssey this past week. From one end of the country to another we’ve driven from Bucharest to Petresti and back, with stops at Cluj, Campia Turzii, Alba Iulia, Sibiu and Curtea de Arges along the way. What have we learnt? Nothing new, merely confirmation that driving long distances… Continue reading The joy of motoring in Romania

They’re burning books again

It appears that not a week can go by these days without seeing yet another group of offendotrons start foaming at the mouth over some triviality. Who’s fewmin this time? Well, primarily the more jihadist elements of Romania’s Orthodox Church. Fortunately, that’s not a huge number of people, although their numbers are growing as far-left,… Continue reading They’re burning books again

No Saints: Romania’s Legionary Death Cult

Book review: Holy Legionary Youth: Fascist Activism in Interwar Romania By Roland Clark The next time anyone tries to convince you that the Romanian Legionary Movement of the 1930s and early 1940s was anything other than evil it is enough to remember just one passage describing the Bucharest pogrom of January 1941¬†from this quite brilliant… Continue reading No Saints: Romania’s Legionary Death Cult

Why prevent people from being happy?

Extremists around Romania are currently attempting to collect the 500,000 signatures they need in order to force a referendum on changing the country’s constitution. Now, were this to be a constructive change, such as declaring poverty or homelessness unconstitutional, we’d happily stand with them, regardless of their political affiliations. Unfortunately however, as is so often… Continue reading Why prevent people from being happy?

The Week in Bucharest Life

It’s been a bad year for Alina Gorghiu, leader of the Romanian Liberal Party (PNL). A shoo-in to be the country’s first female prime minister this time last year she has spent the past 12 months showing just why she is utterly unfit for the job. Leaving aside accusations that her law firm did business… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life

Romania has a prime minister. What now?

Heavens did not fall, the world was not turned upside down, but anyone who fails to see the past ten days in Romania as anything other than a paradigm shift must have a very strange view of the world. The fire at a live music club, Colectiv, on October 30th, which as we write has… Continue reading Romania has a prime minister. What now?