Easter weekend in Bucharest

A few ideas for things to do this Easter weekend in Bucharest, when it may at times appear that you have the city to yourself. On Saturday morning Valentin Mandache (who last week acted as tour guide for Prince Charles, no less) will be giving one of his architectural tours of the city, looking at… Continue reading Easter weekend in Bucharest

Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Over the next few days, tune in to the Romanian TV news every now and then and tick off these cliches/scenarios as they get rolled off: Friday & Saturday In asteptarea miracolului invierii, there will be a report from a pension in a village somewhere (probably Maramures)… Continue reading Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

Romanian lamb is good, so why can't we buy it all year round?

Once again we did ourselves proud this year, cooking a magnificent roast lamb for Easter Sunday lunch, and serving it with all the trimmings. Once again, the hardware made the chef’s job rather easy: the lamb we picked up at the supermarket (Auchan, if you must know) was superb. Tender and tasty an idiot could… Continue reading Romanian lamb is good, so why can't we buy it all year round?

Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

You do not have to be a regular reader of ours to know that we do not have the highest opinion of the Romanian media. Reduced to covering only domestic issues, almost all Romanian media outlets follow the same formula when reporting news and events, almost as if they are doing it by numbers. While… Continue reading Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

It’s a miracle!

After not a few years in Romania, it never strikes us as anything except astonishing how television news bulletins in this country report religious events. This morning, for example, the top story on all channels is that Christ Has Risen. That some people clearly believe that he has is not the issue: good luck to… Continue reading It’s a miracle!