And you thought it was all about gays

Ever since it first appeared in the Romanian public sphere last year, we have been warning anybody who will listen that the Coalitia pentru familie (Coalition for the Family) is a misogynistic wolf in a homophobic sheep’s clothing. The coalition is best known as the initiator of a proposed amendment to the Romanian constitution that… Continue reading And you thought it was all about gays

Identify the traitors!

Say it loud: we’re traitorous bastards and we’re proud! Romanian Senator Ninel ‘Ninny’ Peia (PSD, as if you needed to ask), who sharp-eyed readers of this parish might recall has form (earlier this year he wanted to bring back laws from the Nicolae Ceausescu-era, and thinks teachers of sex education should be sent to prison),… Continue reading Identify the traitors!

Communist merchandise at very capitalist prices

If you ever wanted to get your hands on a copy of Nicolae Ceausescu’s gripping work, Foreign Trade and International Economic Cooperation, then we have good news for you. An auction of communist-era Romanian memorabilia is to be held in Bucharest on April 19th, at the art and antique dealer Artmark. It kicks off at… Continue reading Communist merchandise at very capitalist prices

Nicolae Ceausescu’s residence opens to public

More than 25 years since his execution on Christmas Day, 1989, the former home of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu opens as a public museum this Saturday. Built in the 1960s and known by the codename P50 during the communist period, the 80-room Palatul Primaverii (which translates as Spring Palace) served as a home for the… Continue reading Nicolae Ceausescu’s residence opens to public

The ramblings of Ninel Peia

Of all the privations and humiliations of life in Romania during the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, few policies were as downright awful as 1966’s Decree 770, designed to increase the country’s declining birthrate. Abortion and birth control were outlawed. All women of child-rearing age were subjected to regular, compulsory gynaecological examinations. The definitive work on… Continue reading The ramblings of Ninel Peia

Soulless: Mapping Bucharest

For some time now we have been well aware of the fact that the weak link in the otherwise solid 84-page chain of well-researched, carefully curated and sparklingly witty content that is the print edition of Bucharest In Your Pocket has been the maps. They are, by our own admission, not ideal. No more. The… Continue reading Soulless: Mapping Bucharest

Reasons to be cheerful

If, like us, you’ve had enough of articles about Romania by foreigners which – when paraphrased – basically amount to ‘we like this country because it’s backwards’, then you have come to the right place. For this rant is intended to be the antidote to such clich├ęd rubbish, as well as a riposte to the… Continue reading Reasons to be cheerful