Romania’s prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Romania’s three-person government led by Sorin Grindeanu today lost a no-confidence vote put forward by the country’s ruling PSD-ALDE coalition. For background on why the ruling parties wanted to bring down their own government, see this post from last week. In short, it is about passing legislation which will keep the leaders of the PSD… Continue reading Romania’s prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Romania’s embattled prime minister Sorin Grindeanu will on Wednesday face a vote of no-confidence in parliament. Installed in office at the very end of last year following the PSD’s victory in December’s general election, Grindeanu has in recent weeks fallen increasingly out of favour with the PSD’s leader Liviu Dragnea. There is some background in… Continue reading Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Partidul National Legionar

Just when you thought the state of the race to become mayor of Bucharest couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse. Much worse. In a move which will only serve to hasten the death of the PNL, the party yesterday announced that Marian Munteanu would be its new candidate for mayor of the Romanian capital.… Continue reading Partidul National Legionar

Laura strikes again

There’s no stopping our hero. Ludovic Orban, Liberal Party MP and its erstwhile candidate for mayor of Bucharest in June’s local elections, was today charged with corruption by Romania’s anti-graft agency, the DNA. Most of the specifics are currently unknown, except that Orban is accused of ‘obtaining undue benefits’, possibly connected to the way his… Continue reading Laura strikes again

Sweet Justice

Neculai Ontanu, leader of the UNPR party and mayor – for more than 15 years – of Bucharest’s Sector 2 (that’s the Obor/Colentina/Tei/Pantelimon area of the city) was yesterday arrested by Romania’s anti-corruption agency, the DNA, on charges of corruption. His lawyer, Loredana Radu, was also arrested. Deliciously, it emerged this morning that Ontanu had… Continue reading Sweet Justice

Dan’s plan to save Bucharest

Nicusor Dan, leader of the Union to Save Bucharest (USB) and its candidate for mayor of Bucharest in June’s local elections, yesterday published his manifesto. You can see it (in Romanian on the USB’s less-than-attractive website) here. The policy document covers 18 areas, from transport and infrastructure to property rights and culture in the Romanian… Continue reading Dan’s plan to save Bucharest