Romania’s prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Romania’s three-person government led by Sorin Grindeanu today lost a no-confidence vote put forward by the country’s ruling PSD-ALDE coalition. For background on why the ruling parties wanted to bring down their own government, see this post from last week. In short, it is about passing legislation which will keep the leaders of the PSD… Continue reading Romania’s prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Romania’s embattled prime minister Sorin Grindeanu will on Wednesday face a vote of no-confidence in parliament. Installed in office at the very end of last year following the PSD’s victory in December’s general election, Grindeanu has in recent weeks fallen increasingly out of favour with the PSD’s leader Liviu Dragnea. There is some background in… Continue reading Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

The lapdog bites back: Romania’s prime minister digs in

Clearly miffed that in recent times Britain had been outdoing it (by quite some distance) in the ridiculous politics stakes, Romania has upped its game this week and as we write (on Thursday morning) looks set for a new period of political crisis. Coincidentally, just as Theresa May’s problems in the UK are all of… Continue reading The lapdog bites back: Romania’s prime minister digs in

A big win for the DNA, but difficult times lie ahead

The former Romanian Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea was today found guilty of corruption and sentenced to six years in prison. As usually happens in Romania with non-violent offences, she will for the time being remain free on appeal. Six others – including the mafia-like former boss of Romania’s boxing association Rudel Obreja – were… Continue reading A big win for the DNA, but difficult times lie ahead

So Iohannis is corrupt too?

No, at least not in this case. Here is the story of Strada Nicolae Balcescu 29, Sibiu. In 1999 Romanian President Klaus Iohannis purchased a house in central Sibiu (Strada Nicolae Balcescu 29) from a man called Nicolae Bastea. Bastea had claimed to be the rightful heir of Eliseu Ghenea, the last known owner of… Continue reading So Iohannis is corrupt too?

Another win for Bucharest

Bucharest was named as Europe’s most congested city (fifth worldwide) by GPS software developer TomTom in its annual traffic index. Strangely, the city’s mayor Gabriela Firea has not yet commented on Bucharest taking such a prestigious title, despite congestion growing by a whopping seven per cent – overtaking both Moscow and Beijing – so far… Continue reading Another win for Bucharest

Informers: Stay Vigilant!

For some time now the Romanian government and its apologists have been peddling the line that the country’s president Klaus Iohannis is a foreign agent whose mission is to break up the country. Truth is of course, Romania broke up into two distinct pieces a number of years ago. There are now – and have… Continue reading Informers: Stay Vigilant!