Whither Gara de Nord?

The local council of Bucharest’s Sector 1 voted on Friday to approve the clean-up and rejuvenation of Parcul Garii de Nord, the small park opposite the main entrance to the Romanian capital’s primary railway station. The park, behind which is the monolithic (in every sense of the word) Ministry of Transport, was created in the… Continue reading Whither Gara de Nord?

Bucharest, March 1990

Found these yesterday: three photographs of Bucharest taken in March 1990, which we visited on a day trip during a skiing holiday in Poiana Brasov. They are not the best (we were as good with a camera back then as we are now) and the weather was gloomy (it actually snowed later in the day).… Continue reading Bucharest, March 1990

Train exhibition at Gara de Nord

The CFR Museum (which we visited back in October, read all about it here) marks its 75th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations it has got its biggest and best toys out for everyone to have a look at: a collection of old locomotives and rolling stock, including one of the Bucharest… Continue reading Train exhibition at Gara de Nord

Museums in Bucharest you’ve never been to: Muzeul CFR

Given that we have for the past God-knows-how-many years edited a half-decent Bucharest city guide, it always comes as a bit of a shock when we discover museums in the Romanian capital about whose existence we had absolutely no idea. The Romanian Railways (CFR) Museum was – until recently – one of these. We were… Continue reading Museums in Bucharest you’ve never been to: Muzeul CFR

More fun with CFR

The kids came back from the countryside last night, on the same sleeper train we wrote about last week. How long was the train delayed this time? Just the two hours and five minutes. It’s getting worse.

Night train to Bucharest

Unless you have really not been paying attention, then it would not have escaped your notice that we have spent the past fortnight at the other end of Romania, in Petresti, Satu Mare. All good things must come to an end, however, and so last night we left Petresti, and returned home on the sleeper… Continue reading Night train to Bucharest