Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Woof! We had to pay a visit to Bucurestii Noi yesterday morning, to Jiului to be precise, and as we emerged from the metro we were met by a pack of four rather unpleasant looking, and ferociously barking stray dogs. They appeared to have emerged from the courtyard of a factory whose gates had been… Continue reading Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Lovely people and their well-rounded arguments

For those of you not on Twitter, here is a selection of lovely tweets we have been sent this week, for the crime of daring to suggest that Bucharest’s streets might be better without stray dogs on them. The first, from earlier today, manages to accuse us of hating women and abusing animals: This little… Continue reading Lovely people and their well-rounded arguments

Dog days are over

So Romania’s parliament today voted (by an overwhelming majority) to introduce a law which once again makes the humane destruction of stray dogs legal. The law will now be sent to president Traian Basescu for approval. He will not think twice before signing it. The law stipulates that all dogs captured by local authorities are… Continue reading Dog days are over

Romania is not a barbaric country

Romania is not a barbaric country. Romanians are not savages. Romanians are not murderers. Romanians are not beating and kicking and stabbing dogs to death. The biggest lie currently being thrown around by (mainly foreign, ill-informed) animal rights groups is that Romania is about to take the unprecedented step of slaughtering tens of thousands of… Continue reading Romania is not a barbaric country

The question is…

So in all likeliness the people of Bucharest will be called to the polls on Sunday, October 6th to vote in a referendum on the stray dog issue. The city’s mayor Sorin Oprescu today revealed – after a meeting with the mayors of Bucharest’s six sectors – that the question on the ballot papers will… Continue reading The question is…

Letter from a fan

Woke up to find this email in our inbox: It has been a long and stressful day. I have spent the last 12 hours or so attempting to save the lives of countless, HARMLESS dogs in Romania. I refer of course to your article on I am so tired and depressed by it all… Continue reading Letter from a fan

And another one…

A 4-year-old boy has died and his 6-year-old brother was injured this afternoon after they were attacked by a pack of stray dogs outside a park in northern Bucharest (Parcul Tei, to be precise). The NGOs which usually rush to tell us that the dogs are innocent and that the boys must have brought the… Continue reading And another one…