Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Romania’s embattled prime minister Sorin Grindeanu will on Wednesday face a vote of no-confidence in parliament. Installed in office at the very end of last year following the PSD’s victory in December’s general election, Grindeanu has in recent weeks fallen increasingly out of favour with the PSD’s leader Liviu Dragnea. There is some background in… Continue reading Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Another win for Bucharest

Bucharest was named as Europe’s most congested city (fifth worldwide) by GPS software developer TomTom in its annual traffic index. Strangely, the city’s mayor Gabriela Firea has not yet commented on Bucharest taking such a prestigious title, despite congestion growing by a whopping seven per cent – overtaking both Moscow and Beijing – so far… Continue reading Another win for Bucharest

Today in Romania: 16/01/17

Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu was questioned by military prosecutors on Monday in connection with the 1990 Mineriada, in which Iliescu shipped in miners from the Jiu Valley to brutally suppress pro-democracy demonstrations in Piata Universitatii. Many died and thousands were injured in three days of government-sponsored rioting. Iliescu – who is charged with crimes… Continue reading Today in Romania: 16/01/17

Today in Romania: 13/01/17

The Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea sacked the director of the city’s circus, Victor Coman. The move follows yesterday’s fire at the circus stables, in which 11 animals were killed. Firea also today announced plans to rush through the city council a proposal to ban performing animals from any circus in the city. On this… Continue reading Today in Romania: 13/01/17

Today in Romania: 09/01/17

Temperatures in Bucharest reached lows of -16°C early on Monday morning, with even colder weather set for Monday night/Tuesday morning. Lows of -29°C are expected in some parts of Romania, with temperatures in the capital slipping below -20°C. Much of the country is subject to an amber weather alert, which will remain in place until… Continue reading Today in Romania: 09/01/17

Cold, Snow, Schools, Buses, Roads & Pavements. And Vaslui

The PSD is well and truly back in office. On Friday it issued a directive which obliterated perhaps the most important educational reform of the past twelve months. Under the government of Dacian Ciolos the heads of all Romania’s schools (many of whom had been appointed for political reasons) had been required to reapply for… Continue reading Cold, Snow, Schools, Buses, Roads & Pavements. And Vaslui

They shall not pass

To the barricades. Klaus Iohannis drew a line in the sand (or perhaps snow) this morning: ‘An amnesty and pardon law would be a catastrophe for Romanian democracy. I would do everything in my power to stop it.’ The president’s statement came in response to all sorts of rumours regarding the intention of the newly… Continue reading They shall not pass