Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

We have a new champion. This, by Marissa Tejada for CNN Travel. Published today it contains perhaps more errors per sentence than just about any other travel articles ever written about Bucharest. First off, the actual writing is awful, embarrassingly so, starting from the inclusion of the now utterly cliched and irrelevant ‘Little Paris of… Continue reading Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

We have a winner

Take all the crap travel pieces you’ve ever read about Romania, put them together in one place and still you are a long, long way short of having a turd the size of this effort from those self-proclaimed too-cool-for-school hipsters at Vice. Clearly the work of adolescents who think that it’s like, really edgy to… Continue reading We have a winner