Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Romania’s embattled prime minister Sorin Grindeanu will on Wednesday face a vote of no-confidence in parliament. Installed in office at the very end of last year following the PSD’s victory in December’s general election, Grindeanu has in recent weeks fallen increasingly out of favour with the PSD’s leader Liviu Dragnea. There is some background in… Continue reading Why the PSD’s no-confidence vote must not pass

Leave our traditions alone!

More than half of Romanians believe that rape is ‘acceptable’ in certain circumstances. Apparently, if girls are drunk, wearing provocative clothing or ‘don’t fight back’ then they are fair game. The figure comes from a major EU study of attitudes towards gender-based violence across the continent. It’s becoming increasingly clear why organisations such as the… Continue reading Leave our traditions alone!