Gilead: The Romanian Connection

From this week’s New Statesman: Abortion has been legal in Romania since the fall of Ceausescu. Under his rule, it’s estimated 10,000 women died as a result of so-called illegal abortions. For post-communist Romania, legalising abortion was seen as a way to move forward from the horrors of the dictatorship. Although abortion is now legal… Continue reading Gilead: The Romanian Connection

Today in Romania: 17/01/17

Sevil Shhaideh, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea’s first proposal for prime minister following December’s parliamentary elections, has been left in charge of the shop while actual PM Sorin Grindeanu is in Washington (in an unofficial capacity) for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Shhaideh, the Minister for Regional Development, was refused the job of prime minister by President Klaus… Continue reading Today in Romania: 17/01/17

The Week in Romania

A 16-year-old boy died on Thursday in the western Romanian town of Arad due to complications resulting from measles. The boy had not been vaccinated against the illness. He is the third child to die of measles in Romanian over the past two months, as the country faces its worst outbreak of the virus in… Continue reading The Week in Romania