Today in Romania: 11/01/17

Bucharest and much of eastern Romania was paralysed by the heaviest snowfall of the past few years. Around half a metre of snow fell in just a few hours on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, blocking roads and closing Otopeni airport (nothing took off until 08:00). More than 130 trains were cancelled. Bucharest’s mayor,… Continue reading Today in Romania: 11/01/17

Country Life: A Month in Bucharest Life

It’s been a nomadic month. Our brush with Greek Life was followed by a week in the increasingly nasty police state that is Turkey, where Brother-in-law of Bucharest Life – a major in the Romanian army – is currently serving (and enjoying a rather luxurious existence courtesy of Nato). Then to England, where, amongst other… Continue reading Country Life: A Month in Bucharest Life

RATB in new absurdity

There was a marvellous report on the news last night about how RATB – the company which operates public transport in Bucharest – has inadvertently picked up our ‘make public transport in Bucharest free‘ idea and put it into practice. Due to an almighty cock-up in RATB’s Department of Crapness (we feel certain it has… Continue reading RATB in new absurdity

Romanian train etiquette

Coming back from Azuga at the weekend we boarded a train (which, despite a blizzard, was bang on time) only to discover that some stupid tart was sitting in our (window) seat. What’s more, she was asleep (or at least pretending to be). Now, if we’d have been on our own we would have had… Continue reading Romanian train etiquette

One for the trainspotters

When Romania set about electrifying its railways in the 1960s (a process which has still yet to be completed), it chose Predeal to be the site of the first electric pylon on the CFR network. The pylon – found on platform one of Predeal station – today carries a commemorative plaque: Why Predeal? We do… Continue reading One for the trainspotters

Museums in Bucharest you’ve never been to: Muzeul CFR

Given that we have for the past God-knows-how-many years edited a half-decent Bucharest city guide, it always comes as a bit of a shock when we discover museums in the Romanian capital about whose existence we had absolutely no idea. The Romanian Railways (CFR) Museum was – until recently – one of these. We were… Continue reading Museums in Bucharest you’ve never been to: Muzeul CFR

More fun with CFR

The kids came back from the countryside last night, on the same sleeper train we wrote about last week. How long was the train delayed this time? Just the two hours and five minutes. It’s getting worse.