Whither Gara de Nord?

The local council of Bucharest’s Sector 1 voted on Friday to approve the clean-up and rejuvenation of Parcul Garii de Nord, the small park opposite the main entrance to the Romanian capital’s primary railway station. The park, behind which is the monolithic (in every sense of the word) Ministry of Transport, was created in the… Continue reading Whither Gara de Nord?

Train exhibition at Gara de Nord

The CFR Museum (which we visited back in October, read all about it here) marks its 75th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations it has got its biggest and best toys out for everyone to have a look at: a collection of old locomotives and rolling stock, including one of the Bucharest… Continue reading Train exhibition at Gara de Nord

Gara de Nord: There's more to it than onions and Carpati

Went to Bucharest’s Gara de Nord at the weekend (not because we were getting a train anywhere, simply for research purposes ahead of the publication of the next Bucharest In Your Pocket, which will hit the streets over the next few days).* We were more impressed than ever. Bucharest’s main railway station still gets a… Continue reading Gara de Nord: There's more to it than onions and Carpati