When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Those were the days. Soviet cars, a state monopoly and no Uber to deal with. This is from a Romanian-language tourist guide to Bucharest published in 1954, which recently came into our possession: Journeys in the city with state taxis are metered and charged accordingly: A 3 lei starting fee and then 0.50 lei for… Continue reading When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Lesser Visited Bucharest: Piata Obor

Our first visit to the huge Bucharest market at Obor would have been some time early in the summer of 1998. We were looking for one of those little metal devices you shoved into your television cable in order to get free HBO. In those days that’s the kind of place Obor was: a byword… Continue reading Lesser Visited Bucharest: Piata Obor

Hanul lui Manuc

Few places in Bucharest have a history to match that of Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc’s Inn), the last remaining caravanserai in this part of Europe; recently reopened after a four-year refit. Completed in 1808, it is named for its founder, Manuc Bei, an Armenian merchant and diplomat. [mappress mapid=”29″] – Bought and sold many times… Continue reading Hanul lui Manuc

Rediscover Bucharest: Calea Victoriei

As part of our One Man/One City Guide campaign to Rediscover Bucharest, we yesterday walked the full length of Calea Victoriei, that most historic of all Bucharest’s streets. It was a surprisingly rewarding experience, best done – we think – from north to south, from Piata Victoriei down to the river. On a fresh morning… Continue reading Rediscover Bucharest: Calea Victoriei