When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Those were the days. Soviet cars, a state monopoly and no Uber to deal with. This is from a Romanian-language tourist guide to Bucharest published in 1954, which recently came into our possession: Journeys in the city with state taxis are metered and charged accordingly: A 3 lei starting fee and then 0.50 lei for… Continue reading When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Bucharest IYP 89

Yes, another Bucharest In Your Pocket is out and about (or will be very, very soon), and we don’t think we’re giving too much away by telling you that this issue is packed with even more good stuff than usual. For a start, there’s the Jewish Bucharest feature we trailed here, which looks at both… Continue reading Bucharest IYP 89

‘Cuts through the travel-writer verbiage’

Sound the ‘blatant self-promotion’ klaxon. Eddie Mair, the BBC’s journalist du jour (who this morning gave Mayor of London Boris Johnson an absolute roasting on The Andrew Marr Show) was apparently in Bucharest last week. He wrote a short piece about his Romanian adventure here, a piece in which he quotes from and gives a… Continue reading ‘Cuts through the travel-writer verbiage’