The Vulnerable City

Were an earthquake of 7.5 on the moment magnitude scale (Mw) to hit Bucharest at night, it would do so while more than 450,000 people were sleeping in buildings with a medium to high risk of sustaining serious damage or totally collapsing. At least 6500 people would die instantly, and more than 16,000 would be… Continue reading The Vulnerable City


Two Sundays ago we – along with most of Bucharest – were shaken awake by a small earthquake. Nothing big enough to do any damage (it registered a mere 5.2 on the Richter Scale) the earthquake did at least start a few alarm bells ringing at Bucharest City Council, who this week have been instructing… Continue reading Earthquake!


Bucharest city council last week made public the latest list of buildings most at risk in the event of a major earthquake hitting the city. You can view it here. We would suggest that any readers living in one of these blocks keep calm and move immediately. It’s been the best part of four decades… Continue reading Earthquake!

Some Bucharest In Your Pocket bits and pieces you might have missed…

Although we are certain that most of you are regular readers and fans of the fruits of our day job, Bucharest In Your Pocket, we thought we might highlight a couple of features that you might have missed… First off, there’s the Bucharest Earthquake of 1977 – the 34th anniversary of which (March 4th) approaches.… Continue reading Some Bucharest In Your Pocket bits and pieces you might have missed…

Earthquake: Is Bucharest ready?

The quick answer is of course no. This morning’s major quake in Haiti has had not just us at Bucharest Life scrambling around asking a few questions about what would happen if a big earthquake hit Bucharest. It has happened before of course. The last major earthquake was in 1977, though a smaller (and still… Continue reading Earthquake: Is Bucharest ready?