Easter weekend in Bucharest

A few ideas for things to do this Easter weekend in Bucharest, when it may at times appear that you have the city to yourself. On Saturday morning Valentin Mandache (who last week acted as tour guide for Prince Charles, no less) will be giving one of his architectural tours of the city, looking at… Continue reading Easter weekend in Bucharest

Bucharest IYP 89

Yes, another Bucharest In Your Pocket is out and about (or will be very, very soon), and we don’t think we’re giving too much away by telling you that this issue is packed with even more good stuff than usual. For a start, there’s the Jewish Bucharest feature we trailed here, which looks at both… Continue reading Bucharest IYP 89

Saying nice things about Bucharest

Those of you who go all squeamish at the sight of blatant self-promotion might want to look away now. Not one, but two name checks for Bucharest Life in the latest issue of the Wizz Air inflight magazine. Here we are interviewing top Bucharest chef Paul Oppenkamp of The Artist (possibly the city’s most talked… Continue reading Saying nice things about Bucharest

Lipscani is doing just fine without any input from Bucharest City Council

As we wrote in the foreword of the current edition of Bucharest In Your Pocket, the rehabilitation of Lipscani/Centru Vechi/Historic Bucharest as the city’s heart and soul continues apace. It is the one part of the capital that has the potential to become a worthwhile place to visit, a centre of nightlife and debauchery to… Continue reading Lipscani is doing just fine without any input from Bucharest City Council