The Year in Bucharest Life

We began the year as we meant to go on, with a bit of a whinge about the ongoing sorry state of Romania’s skiing infrastructure. What particularly riled us at Azuga was the need to buy two lift passes. We later found out (via this comment) that to enjoy all of the runs (there are… Continue reading The Year in Bucharest Life

Romania has a prime minister. What now?

Heavens did not fall, the world was not turned upside down, but anyone who fails to see the past ten days in Romania as anything other than a paradigm shift must have a very strange view of the world. The fire at a live music club, Colectiv, on October 30th, which as we write has… Continue reading Romania has a prime minister. What now?

The Week in Bucharest Life

This week in Bucharest has unquestionably been one of the more eventful of our time in the Romanian capital, one which – with impeccable timing – in fact caught us in London until late on Thursday evening. As such, as much as we’d like to say that we were out there on the streets of… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life

The Weekend in Bucharest Life

The weekend in Bucharest life was of course dominated by just one, tragic event: the fire in a club, Colectiv, in which 27 people died. Two people have since died in hospital, and more than 30¬†of those injured remain in a critical condition. We know the building in which Colectiv is located (the old Pionierul… Continue reading The Weekend in Bucharest Life