Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

We have a new champion. This, by Marissa Tejada for CNN Travel. Published today it contains perhaps more errors per sentence than just about any other travel articles ever written about Bucharest. First off, the actual writing is awful, embarrassingly so, starting from the inclusion of the now utterly cliched and irrelevant ‘Little Paris of… Continue reading Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

The day job

Six months late and well over budget the digital version of Bucharest In Your Pocket has had a facelift. Go and take a look. It’s still not entirely finished, which is why this is a (very) soft launch, but there is plenty of flesh on the bones of the project, designed by a Pole whose… Continue reading The day job

Bucharest In Your Pocket 90

So there’s a new issue of Bucharest In Your Pocket out and about; issue 90, in fact. This is the cover: The cover features Strada Xenofon (here), opposite the main entrance to Carol Park in the south of the city. The all-step street – the only of its kind in Bucharest – was earlier this… Continue reading Bucharest In Your Pocket 90

We have a winner

Take all the crap travel pieces you’ve ever read about Romania, put them together in one place and still you are a long, long way short of having a turd the size of this effort from those self-proclaimed too-cool-for-school hipsters at Vice. Clearly the work of adolescents who think that it’s like, really edgy to… Continue reading We have a winner

15 Years of Bucharest In Your Pocket

Happy birthday to us. The first issue of the day job, Bucharest In Your Pocket, was published 15 years ago this month. It looked like this: We know what you’re thinking: with a cover like that it’s a miracle we made it to issue two, let alone issue 88: our latest, 15th anniversary special. Usually… Continue reading 15 Years of Bucharest In Your Pocket

Bucharest IYP 84

And… relax. The glorious August-September 2013 issue of Bucharest In Your Pocket is now done and dusted, meaning that we can decamp to the countryside for our annual attempt to blend in with the local peasantry (an escapade which will no doubt involve more visinata than tuica). Anyway, here’s the new cover, featuring the Coltea… Continue reading Bucharest IYP 84

Mr. Mitica goes to Bucharest

According to at least three sources, this little fellow is about to become Bucharest’s mascot: His name is Mr. Mitica and he will be officially launched later this month, after which we should expect to see him on promotional material, souvenirs and such like. We are not really sure if Mr. Mitica is representative of… Continue reading Mr. Mitica goes to Bucharest