A font for Bucharest

Public Hye is an initiative that aims to clean up Bucharest’s visual public space. It has been created by exactly the kind of young, talented design studio who should have been approached by Bucharest City Council when they earlier this year decided to change the Romania’s capital’s logo. The project’s first initiative has been to… Continue reading A font for Bucharest

Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

Poor Gabriela Firea, Mayor of Bucharest. She barely escaped with her life yesterday after a vicious, fascist mob of terrorists funded by George Soros attempted to storm a meeting of the city council and overthrow the democratically elected mayor. Brave cops (© The Sun) were injured as they fought off the deadly intruders. That, more… Continue reading Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

Number crunching

During a debate about pollution on Europa FM yesterday, Bucharest city councilor Ciprian Ciucu (PNL) demanded action be taken fast as more than 8,000 people in the Romanian capital died annually of pollution-related illness. To which Aurelian Badulescu (the city’s deputy mayor, PSD) replied: ‘Is that a lot, 8000?’ During the same debate, Badulescu revealed… Continue reading Number crunching

She’s trolling now

Following on from Monday’s announcement that Bucharest City Council will be paying out a shed load of cash for a Ronald Reagan statue, would anyone care to guess what yesterday’s brainwave courtesy Gabriela Firea, mayor of the Romanian capital and undisputed Queen of Kitsch was? That’s right: a ‘most beautiful balcony’ competition. Now, leaving aside… Continue reading She’s trolling now