Romania’s prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Romania’s three-person government led by Sorin Grindeanu today lost a no-confidence vote put forward by the country’s ruling PSD-ALDE coalition. For background on why the ruling parties wanted to bring down their own government, see this post from last week. In short, it is about passing legislation which will keep the leaders of the PSD… Continue reading Romania’s prime minister loses no-confidence vote

Bucharest in ‘ugly and dirty’ shock

Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea was this morning shocked – shocked, we tell you – to discover that the centre of Bucharest is not quite as salubrious as it should be. ‘Calea Victoriei, Bulevardul Magheru and the Old Town are in a deplorable state,’ she said, adding that ‘as the city’s mayor I am ashamed… Continue reading Bucharest in ‘ugly and dirty’ shock

Another win for Bucharest

Bucharest was named as Europe’s most congested city (fifth worldwide) by GPS software developer TomTom in its annual traffic index. Strangely, the city’s mayor Gabriela Firea has not yet commented on Bucharest taking such a prestigious title, despite congestion growing by a whopping seven per cent – overtaking both Moscow and Beijing – so far… Continue reading Another win for Bucharest

Let’s do maths with the PSD

The USR is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is clear that they are still on a very steep learning curve as a party: it was, after all, formed less than a year ago. The lack of any other real parliamentary opposition to the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition has not worked in their favour: people’s… Continue reading Let’s do maths with the PSD

The Week in Aprica & Bormio

One of the reasons we write travel guides as opposed to doing anything which resembles proper journalism is because we have a tendency to go on holiday during important events (in this case, to Aprica and Bormio. We recommend both, not least the Stelvio run at Bormio). We were on holiday when Victor Ponta resigned… Continue reading The Week in Aprica & Bormio

Disaster averted, for now

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis this morning hijacked the government’s cabinet meeting and prevented it from passing an emergency ordinance (OUG) that would have freed thousands of convicted criminals and seen charges dropped against many other corrupt politicians and businessmen (including PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and former prime minister Victor Ponta).* As was widely leaked to… Continue reading Disaster averted, for now

The Return of the Wild East. Exit Stage West

Good fucking grief. However awful you thought the makeup of Romania’s new PSD-ALDE government might be, you will no doubt be disappointed to discover that reality has once again by far outdone the imagination. Sworn in yesterday evening after being approved by a compliant parliament (only the PNL and the USR voted against) Romania is… Continue reading The Return of the Wild East. Exit Stage West