Gilead: The Romanian Connection

From this week’s New Statesman: Abortion has been legal in Romania since the fall of Ceausescu. Under his rule, it’s estimated 10,000 women died as a result of so-called illegal abortions. For post-communist Romania, legalising abortion was seen as a way to move forward from the horrors of the dictatorship. Although abortion is now legal… Continue reading Gilead: The Romanian Connection

Women: Know your limits

Oh dear. Somebody really needs to have a word with Romania’s delightful Family Coalition (Coalitia pentru familie). It would appear that they have been watching Harry Enfield sketches from the 1990s without understanding that the whole thing was comedy: a parody of old, misogynistic attitudes towards women. It was never meant to be a blueprint… Continue reading Women: Know your limits

The ramblings of Ninel Peia

Of all the privations and humiliations of life in Romania during the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, few policies were as downright awful as 1966’s Decree 770, designed to increase the country’s declining birthrate. Abortion and birth control were outlawed. All women of child-rearing age were subjected to regular, compulsory gynaecological examinations. The definitive work on… Continue reading The ramblings of Ninel Peia