Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

Poor Gabriela Firea, Mayor of Bucharest. She barely escaped with her life yesterday after a vicious, fascist mob of terrorists funded by George Soros attempted to storm a meeting of the city council and overthrow the democratically elected mayor. Brave cops (© The Sun) were injured as they fought off the deadly intruders. That, more… Continue reading Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Those were the days. Soviet cars, a state monopoly and no Uber to deal with. This is from a Romanian-language tourist guide to Bucharest published in 1954, which recently came into our possession: Journeys in the city with state taxis are metered and charged accordingly: A 3 lei starting fee and then 0.50 lei for… Continue reading When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Credit where it’s due: The Museum of Bucharest

For almost two decades we have been involved in something of a running battle with the vast majority of Bucharest’s sights and museums: a battle for information. When we started the day job Bucharest In Your Pocket back in 1999 finding out such mundane things as entrance prices, opening hours and whether or not a… Continue reading Credit where it’s due: The Museum of Bucharest

Charles again

Brian has been in the news again. This time for giving a speech on the occasion of being awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa title by Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj on May 29th. You can read the full text of the speech here. Eloquent and displaying a clear and very real love for Romania it nevertheless… Continue reading Charles again


A story started doing the rounds earlier this week suggesting that Romania’s delightful Family Coalition (Life passim) was demanding that an advert featuring a not unattractive young lady wearing a bikini be banned on grounds of indecency. The ad – for swimwear – was not dissimilar to the one above (and was for the same… Continue reading Cover-Up

Number crunching

During a debate about pollution on Europa FM yesterday, Bucharest city councilor Ciprian Ciucu (PNL) demanded action be taken fast as more than 8,000 people in the Romanian capital died annually of pollution-related illness. To which Aurelian Badulescu (the city’s deputy mayor, PSD) replied: ‘Is that a lot, 8000?’ During the same debate, Badulescu revealed… Continue reading Number crunching

Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

We have a new champion. This, by Marissa Tejada for CNN Travel. Published today it contains perhaps more errors per sentence than just about any other travel articles ever written about Bucharest. First off, the actual writing is awful, embarrassingly so, starting from the inclusion of the now utterly cliched and irrelevant ‘Little Paris of… Continue reading Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)