News from Nowhere

It’s been a while since we did one of these round-ups, what with the day job and preparations for Britain’s impending war with Spain. Anyway, first off: the Bucharest Metro. Remember how on Friday we wrote about the grand-opening of two new stations on the M4, Laminorului and Straluesti? Well, turns out there’s a catch.… Continue reading News from Nowhere

A big win for the DNA, but difficult times lie ahead

The former Romanian Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea was today found guilty of corruption and sentenced to six years in prison. As usually happens in Romania with non-violent offences, she will for the time being remain free on appeal. Six others – including the mafia-like former boss of Romania’s boxing association Rudel Obreja – were… Continue reading A big win for the DNA, but difficult times lie ahead

Women: Know your limits

Oh dear. Somebody really needs to have a word with Romania’s delightful Family Coalition (Coalitia pentru familie). It would appear that they have been watching Harry Enfield sketches from the 1990s without understanding that the whole thing was comedy: a parody of old, misogynistic attitudes towards women. It was never meant to be a blueprint… Continue reading Women: Know your limits

More on the Constitutional Court & The Wicked Witch of Voluntari

Romanian MP Tudor Ciuhodaru (PSD) yesterday submitted a draft law to parliament which would see public demonstrations that ‘challenged the constitutional order or prevented the powers of state from carrying out their duties’ made criminal offences, punishable by sentences of between six months and three years. Backed – we would assume – by the government… Continue reading More on the Constitutional Court & The Wicked Witch of Voluntari

In Romania, things can always get worse

Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR) today sustained an objection made by Senate Leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who had argued that the country’s anti-corruption agency (the DNA) had overstepped its remit by investigating the issuance of controversial government ordinance (OUG) 13. ‘The DNA’s investigation disrupted the process of government,’ declared CCR chief judge Valer Dorneanu (a former… Continue reading In Romania, things can always get worse

So Iohannis is corrupt too?

No, at least not in this case. Here is the story of Strada Nicolae Balcescu 29, Sibiu. In 1999 Romanian President Klaus Iohannis purchased a house in central Sibiu (Strada Nicolae Balcescu 29) from a man called Nicolae Bastea. Bastea had claimed to be the rightful heir of Eliseu Ghenea, the last known owner of… Continue reading So Iohannis is corrupt too?

Let’s do maths with the PSD

The USR is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is clear that they are still on a very steep learning curve as a party: it was, after all, formed less than a year ago. The lack of any other real parliamentary opposition to the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition has not worked in their favour: people’s… Continue reading Let’s do maths with the PSD