On tolerance and hypocrisy

We think that we’ve made it clear over the past few months what we think of Ukip, the UK’s political party du jour which took the highest share of the vote in the recent European parliamentary elections. We also think that we have made it clear over the years exactly where we stand in the… Continue reading On tolerance and hypocrisy

Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Over the next few days, tune in to the Romanian TV news every now and then and tick off these cliches/scenarios as they get rolled off: Friday & Saturday In asteptarea miracolului invierii, there will be a report from a pension in a village somewhere (probably Maramures)… Continue reading Romanian TV News Easter Bingo

Customer service Romania-style

Update: Both Digi and Dolce have today (Sunday) released statements, neither of which are particularly satisfactory. While Dolce say it is a purely technical issue which will be resolved over the next couple of days (we shall see), Digi’s position is one of utter, contradictory nonsense. — We rejoiced too soon. We tuned in to… Continue reading Customer service Romania-style

All we want for Christmas is the Premier League

Santa delivers early. Eurosport yesterday announced that they had bought the rights to televise the Premier League in Romania for the rest of this and the following two seasons. They start showing games immediately, on Saturday. How many games they will show each week has yet to be announced. Given that the rights would not… Continue reading All we want for Christmas is the Premier League

See you in court

Romania’s journey back to the Dark Ages is complete. It appears that while everyone was worrying about gold mines, fracking and immunity from prosecution for politicians, Romania’s delightful parliament yesterday adopted an amendment to the penal code which will once again make libel and slander criminal offences. (Note: slander and libel had been decriminalised and… Continue reading See you in court

Save us from the good taste do-gooders

UPDATE: We notice that they are after Mircea Badea now, too. This of course is the problem: where does it end? Will our moral guardians decide that us block-dwelling masses need to be protected from football too, and start bullying advertisers into boycotting that? — A local media blog, Pagina de Media, has launched what… Continue reading Save us from the good taste do-gooders