Bucharest Sex Guide

Let’s not beat around the bush (shaved or otherwise): there are a number of visitors to Bucharest whose first thought when the get off the plane is to find the nearest brothel. Or nightclub as they are usually called in these parts. Even many of those gentlemen who do not come to Bucharest specifically to pay for sex will often get to a certain point of the evening, usually after a few drinks, when thoughts turn to what we like to term adult entertainment. This page exists (as a compliment to the comprehensive guide we publish over at the day job, Bucharest In Your Pocket) to ensure that both sets of groups get precisely what they want, and – as we have long joked – avoid being ripped off when all they want is to be pulled off.

In brief, we are here to point you in the right direction. What goes on after that is your business.

Firstly, a look at the law

Prostitution is illegal in Bucharest (and anywhere else in Romania for that matter). There is no grey area, no clauses that can be left open to interpretation: it’s illegal, and that’s that. Paying for sex – if caught – can lead to possible arrest and a large fine for both the girl and the client. Do not believe any stories you might be told or read on other parts of the internet: prostitution in Romania is 100 per cent illegal, we can’t make it any clearer than that.

The age of consent is 18. Again, you may read otherwise but do not believe a word of it: all persons under 18 in Romania are considered minors.

So what is on offer in Bucharest?

Legally, the only option is erotic massage. This is more or less what it says on the tin: a massage which will have an erotic element to it, almost always with what is known in the trade as a happy ending. Massages are usually offered in luxurious surroundings, with prices starting at about €35. They rise depending on the location and the number of girls involved (and what state of undress they are in: fully nude massages cost extra).

Bucharest is now awash with erotic massage parlours, most of which operate strict no-sex policies. You may not touch the young ladies carrying out the massage in any way. The best and most respected erotic massage parlours are those which have such a policy in place and as such have managed to avoid problems with the local police. In a city in which even restaurants can come and go with alarming regularity, longevity is almost always a sign of legality and quality.

By common consent, the five most respected erotic massage parlours in Bucharest are the following (in no particular order):

VIP Obsession
Black Velvet
Mon Amour
Sweet Touch

We can vouch for all as being upstanding, legal businesses. You can view all these erotic massage parlours on a map, over at Bucharest In Your Pocket, here.

Strip Clubs/Nightclubs

By and large, beware strip and night clubs in Bucharest. While there are exceptions (which we will get to), ‘nightclub’ long ago became something of a synonym for brothel, or worse: a clip joint (where you unwittingly pay hundreds of euros for drinks and then be confronted with bruising bouncers when you refuse to pay). See this post from a couple of years ago about the type of scam that gets carried out in these places.

Always beware any girls who approach you on the street and invite you somewhere for drinks. Think about it for a minute and try to employ common sense before the blood rushes from your brain to somewhere else: have you suddenly become irresistible to incredibly attractive young women? Probably not. As such, why is an incredibly attractive young lady inviting you for drinks in a bar you have never heard of and will probably not find listed in any reliable Bucharest city guide?

The only two nightclubs in Bucharest we recommend are these:

Buckingham Night Club
Lucky Love

Neither is a brothel, neither is a clip joint.

Be especially wary of the increasingly large number of nightclubs and strip clubs which have opened up in Bucharest’s Old Town. A couple even have scantily clad women dancing in the windows: very tempting for groups of well-oiled lads on stag night. Avoid at all costs. Chances are you will leave the place penniless.


IF sex really is the only thing you are interested in then your best bet is a private escort (although we should point out for the record and for legal reasons that escorts are paid for their time. What happens during that time is up to the two adults involved). Most escorts in Bucharest work from home although some will visit hotels (if the hotel allows such practices: usually, the better the hotel, the better chance you have of getting a girl past reception. If in doubt, ask your concierge, not the reception staff).

Where to find escorts in Bucharest?

If you understand enough Romanian (or know how to use Google Translate) then the website nimfomane.com is a good place to start. Not only are there listings but there is also a semi-public forum where punters share their experiences.

The Bucharest equivalent of Loot, Anuntul Telefonic has listings in the Masaj section, here.

Finally a last word of warning: Ignore anyone who approaches you on the street offering you girls.