Checkmate in two moves

Less than three days after being elected leader of the PNL, Romania’s second largest party, Ludovic Orban already looks well out of his depth.

Yesterday, the PSD and the UDMR appeared to agree on a deal to bring down prime minister Sorin Grindeanu (background here). A deal which allegedly includes a number of (mainly cosmetic) concessions to the UDMR and Romania’s Hungarian minority (allowing the Szekely Land flag – above – to be flown on official buildings, recognising March 15th as a national holiday; that sort of thing).

Orban, the new leader of the new, very different and new PNL that absolutely does not do deals with the PSD like the old PNL, then suggests this morning that in order to prevent the UDMR getting what it wants, Grindeanu should resign (therefore giving the PSD exactly what it wants, but at half the price).


In that case, might we suggest that Orban cuts out the middleman and simply gets the PNL vote for the motion to remove Grindeanu?

No wonder the PNL is in terminal decline if he is the best leader they could come up with.


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