Number crunching

During a debate about pollution on Europa FM yesterday, Bucharest city councilor Ciprian Ciucu (PNL) demanded action be taken fast as more than 8,000 people in the Romanian capital died annually of pollution-related illness.

To which Aurelian Badulescu (the city’s deputy mayor, PSD) replied: ‘Is that a lot, 8000?’

During the same debate, Badulescu revealed that 9800 people had written to the council asking for Wifi in public transport. His tone suggested that he thought 9800 was ‘a lot’ and that as such Wifi on public transport should be a priority.

Two questions immediately spring to mind:

1. Somewhere between 8000 and 9800 ‘a few’ becomes ‘a lot’. We would love to know exactly where.

2. What kind of person writes to the city council asking for Wifi in public transport?

In further number news, you may remember that during the mayoral election campaign Gabriela Firea promised us 500 new buses his year. In December she raised the stakes even higher, promising 600 new buses. Yesterday the actual number of new buses which will be delivered in Bucharest this year was revealed: ten.


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