Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

We have a new champion. This, by Marissa Tejada for CNN Travel. Published today it contains perhaps more errors per sentence than just about any other travel articles ever written about Bucharest.

First off, the actual writing is awful, embarrassingly so, starting from the inclusion of the now utterly cliched and irrelevant ‘Little Paris of the East’ in the very first sentence. Then come Marissa’s ‘Nine reasons to see the Romanian capital.’

The first is ‘the rejuvenated Old Town’, another cliche now hopelessly inaccurate and out of date. There has been a move away from the Old Town over the past two or three years, a move which began long before the fire at Colectiv forced many Old Town venues to close.

Next we learn that Bran Castle is ‘outside Bucharest.’ Yes, just as the Eiffel Tower is outside London. ‘The Old Court Museum exhibits pottery and artifacts that were found among its ruins.’ In fact, the Old Court Museum has been closed for a year and will remain closed until at least sometime next year.

There’s more. The Arc de Triumf is a ‘replica’ of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Carol Park is Bucharest’s prettiest (!) and the houses in the Village Museum were brought from towns across Romania. The clue is in the name: Village Museum.

Enjoy the article in all its glory here.


4 thoughts on “Crap Bucharest travel articles (No. 4,793)

  1. It’s subjective, of course, but I also consider Carol Park to be the most beautiful park in Bucharest.

    It’s a decent article, despite the inaccuracies.

    By the way, you missed “300 old houses” in the Village Museum. 300? Really?


  2. I agree with Marius, when the bluebells are rife through it in spring there are no prettier places in Bucharest and it’s never as crowded as Herastarau, Tinertului or nasty Chismagu home of the Kitsch, and hell at least with the war memorial and bridges it has some architectural interest too


  3. While not exactly accurate, I didn’t find it to be the worst article ever. You see it through the eyes of someone who does this for a living and lives there. People that have never been there would probably find it interesting, charming, and worth coming to visit. I know what you mean though, it’s rare for me to find a tourism article about my town or state that comes close to the detail that I’m familiar with. When I first visited Bucharest 12 years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about it and learned on my own. 12 subsequent trips since and I totally see your point about accuracy although some was subjective. Truth is, we don’t have hardly any travel guides about Romania here in the USA. Most bookstores don’t even have tourist guide for Romania like they do for almost every other European country.


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