Easter weekend in Bucharest

A few ideas for things to do this Easter weekend in Bucharest, when it may at times appear that you have the city to yourself.

On Saturday morning Valentin Mandache (who last week acted as tour guide for Prince Charles, no less) will be giving one of his architectural tours of the city, looking at the Neo-Romanian style of construction that reached its peak in the early part of the 20th century. Details here.

Valentin will also be doing another tour on Sunday, of the Plantelor area of Bucharest, home to a number of Art Nouveau buildings. Details here.

On Saturday night, many Romanians will attend midnight church services. Even Romanians who consider themselves secular, non-observant or even atheist, and who are quite often cynical about the church, usually make the effort to go to Easter mass. We suggest you join them, at one of the historic churches we list here.

For a more hedonistic Saturday night, super-club BOA will once again be the place to be. Details here.

On Sunday – when the majority of venues in the city will be closed – you can feast on Romanian Easter treats (as well as fine food from around the world) at one of the fabulous Easter brunches being held at the big hotels, including the Athenee Palace Hilton (details here) and InterContinental (see here).

After that you can relax at the amazing Therme (above) which will be open on Easter Sunday from 16:00 to 01:00, and on Monday from 08:00-01:00.

Finally, remember to play our patented game, Romanian TV News Easter Bingo.


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