She’s trolling now

Following on from Monday’s announcement that Bucharest City Council will be paying out a shed load of cash for a Ronald Reagan statue, would anyone care to guess what yesterday’s brainwave courtesy Gabriela Firea, mayor of the Romanian capital and undisputed Queen of Kitsch was?

That’s right: a ‘most beautiful balcony’ competition.

Now, leaving aside the obvious jokes (balcony in Romanian – balconis slang for a large pair of bristols), we can’t help thinking that Firea is trolling us.

She can’t possibly think that encouraging people to decorate their balconies in bright, garish colours is a good idea, surely? Nor that organising such a competition is a suitable use of council time and resources while large numbers of balconies in Bucharest are in a precarious state, ready to fall at a moment’s notice? Atentie! Cade tencuiala is not meant to be a badge of honour.

We really do wonder what competitions tomorrow will bring. Bucharest’s deepest pothole? Most people squeezed into an RATB bus? Longest wait for a tram?

Meantime of course, we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. Today at an extraordinary council meeting the creation of another ten companies – to be owned and controlled entirely by the city council – was approved.

Giant rabbits and beautiful balconies are distractions. She knows what she is doing. That’s why she is such a threat and why she needs to go – by hook or by crook – as soon as possible.

Meantime, at Colentina Hospital (financed and managed directly by the council) the electricity went off yesterday, and two old and decrepit back-up generators failed. Staff had to use hand-operated ventilators to keep two patients in intensive care alive.

A new generator costs approximately €13,500. There is no money for them in the council’s budget, however. Still, the new cathedral is getting €3.5 million. Maybe the sick can go there for treatment?

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