Stop bullying Gabi!

Why can’t you all leave poor Gabriela Firea alone? She’s really upset today, crying in the corner of the room because everyone is making fun of her beautiful Easter decorations (not least the giant rabbit in a cart being pulled by a giant hen). So much so that she has put out a press statement in which she declares that her ‘opponents’ are ‘criticising an event designed to promote traditional Romanian values merely so that they can make political capital out of it.’ Besides, it’s all art, put together by Dragos Buhagiar a scenarist of ‘international renown.’ We clearly know nothing.

Two points.

1. It is not merely Firea’s political opponents criticising the giant rabbits. More or less the entire city is, utterly embarrassed at what is an unadulterated kitsch-fest.

2. It is good to see that the PSD’s mantra of ‘anyone who is not with us is against us’ is alive and well.

9 thoughts on “Stop bullying Gabi!

  1. That giant Rabbit is very sinister looking. I find it creepy especially with the ropes tied around it’s wrists like it’s a prisoner of sorts? Very satanic and has nothing to do with Jesus.


      1. Mock me all you want but you’re the one who is being mocked every day since you were born, sunbeam!


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