No Smoking

One year ago today smoking was banned in all indoor public spaces in Romania.

The doom and gloom merchants said it would never work, and that cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs would close. They were wrong. Most venues in fact thrive.

What has made the law work – in our opinion – is the simple fact that the responsibility for policing it falls on the shoulders of venue owners, for it is they who get fined, not individual smokers. No need for the actual police or consumer protection authorities to interfere. By and large the law has been immaculately respected, although a certain few places (not least Bucharest’s high-end clubs) still consider themselves to be above it all and permit smoking very late at night/early the next morning.

The ban on smoking has been one of the best things to happen to Romania for years. Here’s to our health, and yours.


4 thoughts on “No Smoking

  1. I was in a village up in the Mures valley a few weeks ago, my host knew the mayor, and we bumped into him one afternoon. In that very hospitable Romanian way he invited us into the one bar for a cognac. Which he duly ordered (it was also one of those cognacs that would be about 5 measures in the UK) and lit up as he chatted to us. Then in walked the village’s two policemen who proceeded to join us (and order us another round of brandy – just for the 3 of us though – in a nod to some form of law-abidingness they didn;t partake themselves)

    I guess there are certain people who are above little things like smoking laws (and indeed any other laws).

    Mind you I agree, it has been the best thing that has happened in Romania in the 14(? fuck) years since I’ve lived here. Going for a coffee or a beer has become enjoyable.


  2. There is a fake non existent Romanian bird taking part in the fake London attacks. It’s splashed all over the Daily Fail so it must be true?


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