Easter lights

It would be nice, very nice, if these pages were not increasingly devoted to the fuckwittery of Bucharest’s mayor, the delightful Gabriela Firea.

We mean it. No, we did not vote for her but we would be thrilled if she turned out to be such a fantastic, go-ahead, get-stuff-done administrator that even gnarled, bitter critics such as we would one day simply have to stand back and say: ‘You know what, we got it wrong about Firea.’

Alas, such a day currently looks as far away as one of those new planets Nasa discovered a couple of weeks ago.

Scoring a straight ten on a scale from one to that’s a really terrible idea, it was yesterday announced that Bucharest’s streets would this Easter be decorated with… Easter lights. You know, like Christmas lights, but more Eastery.

In 2015, Bucharest’s Christmas lights cost the city council 11 million lei (€2.4 million). There is no figure available for 2016: we assume it was even higher. We have little doubt that the Easter version will cost just as much. Luxten, the company which has lit up Bucharest for 20 years, will be rubbing its hands at the prospect of such a nice little Easter Brucie, not least as its contract is up for renewal this year. We at this stage also feel obliged to point out that Bucharest still has no formally approved budget for 2017, only a proposal.

Now, leaving aside the utter waste of money, we feel compelled to point out that Easter falls on April 16th this year. By that stage of spring it’s not really getting properly dark until about 20:00. April is not December (although in PSD land, March can be February).

Also (and we admit that we are not experts here: more theologically-minded readers can perhaps confirm), isn’t the whole idea of lights at Easter a bit non-canonical? Easter only becomes a celebration at the moment of the Resurrection (midnight on Easter Saturday in the Orthodox world, sunrise on Easter Sunday in the protestant). Up until then it’s all about Lent and sacrifice and betrayal and the crucifixion and death. To a layman, bright shiny lights in the shape of fluffy bunnies don’t seem to come into it.

Anyway, Firea’s quest to turn Bucharest into the most kitsch city in Europe continues. If only there had been some kind of warning.

Top photo credit: Metropotam


5 thoughts on “Easter lights

    1. The portable TV is in Grandad’s room. And that mirror’s too small, how can Del admire himself properly whilst splashing on the Brut before going out for a mutton vindaloo?


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