Bucharest’s top visitor attraction is closed to visitors

Another fantastic decision by somebody, somewhere.

While carrying out research for the next issue of Bucharest In Your Pocket (yes: we still do things the old fashioned way and actually check the information we publish) we stumbled across the news that Bucharest’s top tourist attraction, Casa Poporului (or Palatul Parlamentului, to use its actual name), is closed to visitors:

Now, you can say what you like about the building (and most people have some opinion) but its sheer size and controversial history have made it a magnet for foreign visitors (who usually left impressed with the building but bored to tears by the awful yet compulsory guided tour, which consisted of little more than a bored employee reeling off an endless list of statistics). The far from negligible entrance fee must have brought in a decent amount of revenue too, we would have thought.

So why have the tours been suspended? Well, we phoned to ask why, and for how long the building would be closed to visitors, but failed to get a reply. We will keep on trying and let you know if we get any response.

Meantime, if you do want to see at least a little of the building, the Museum of Contemporary Art remains open.


6 thoughts on “Bucharest’s top visitor attraction is closed to visitors

  1. I’ve been trying to get an answer, as well, but nobody seems to know why or for how long it will remain closed. I initially assumed this is in reaction to the on-going anti-corruption protests, i.e. politicians fearing somebody would infiltrate in the tourist crowd. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it is!)


      1. I pulled a fair few sorts there late 1990’s. I was so busy with girls working there that I had to get a secretary to handle all my dates! Jevon


  2. I thought the English-language guided tour (January 2016) was rather good actually. We had a fairly enthusiastic, young-ish guide who gave a good presentation of the building and was happy to take questions and engage in conversation. Might be a hit-or-miss depending on what guide you’re assigned I guess. Anyway, a shame if it’s closed – it was really something to see.


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