Romania’s government has been warned

As many as 5000 people braved temperatures as low as -6°C in Bucharest yesterday evening to protest against the Romanian government’s plan to pardon hundreds of corrupt businessmen and politicians. As we reported yesterday, only the intervention of President Klaus Iohannis prevented an emergency ordinance (OUG) being passed that would have also allowed charges to be dropped against many other corrupt figures.

Given how cold it was last night the message for the government from ordinary people is clear: should it dare to go ahead and pass the OUG then it can expect protests and possibly even civil unrest on a scale not seen since 1989.

Photos are from the Facebook page of ARCEN: the Romanian Association of Culture, Education and Normality.


6 thoughts on “Romania’s government has been warned

  1. I think maybe you’re a bit optimistic, Craig.

    I’m not sure how much legitimacy five thousand or even 50 thousand people protesting would have considering just a month ago PSD got one of its best results in recent memory.


    1. Those who voted for PSD voted for the hand-out money not because they like corruption. I am pretty sure that they (the PSD voters) agree entirely with the protesters. They are only people who got accustomed to electoral hand-outs. But you are right that PSD won’t give up. After all they are in politics precisely for such perks.


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