Help wanted

Or, why nobody wants to be Romania’s prime minister.

Help is needed at the PSD’s lavish headquarters on Soseaua Kiselleff in the leafy north of Bucharest.

Having had to rule himself out of contention for the PM’s job after president Klaus Iohannis last week made it clear that he would not be nominating anyone with a criminal record, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has spent the past few days desperately looking for someone, anyone, to be prime minister in his place. Perhaps realising that whichever unfortunate soul takes the job will be little more than a Dragnea Yes Man, nobody is interested.

Reports this afternoon suggest that the latest candidate to be offered the role is Florin Georgescu, a vice-governor at the National Bank of Romania. Wisely, and showing a level of acumen sorely missing when he was Minister of State at the Finance Ministry from 1992-1996 (during the disastrous government of Nicolae Vacaroiu, which came mightily close to bankrupting the country), Georgescu said no.

Dragnea has to propose somebody as PM tomorrow afternoon when he heads to Cotroceni Palace for ‘consultations’ with Klaus Iohannis. It is clear that he currently has no idea who he will be nominating. The fact that Dragnea has already created a control group of ‘specialists’ within the PSD to ‘monitor’ the new prime minister and government (meaning that the government will report to the party, as in the good old days of the Socialist Republic) makes the job even less attractive.

We suggest that if a ‘caller ID hidden’ number phones you this afternoon you would do well to ignore it. It will be Dragnea calling to see if you fancy being his bitch.


One thought on “Help wanted

  1. In the good practice of PSD of yester-year, Firea will be there to follow her master only to back stab him when it fits her. The same way their predecessors (Nastase-Iliescu, Geoana/Ponta-Nastase, Dragnea-Ponta) did. Should make for fun, if disastrous politcking.


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