Romania’s election: President declares war

Update to original post: Liviu Dragnea appears to have caved in, suggesting (although not confirming) on Thursday evening that he would not be proposing himself as prime minister. We will not know, however, until after a second set of consultations take place next Wednesday or Thursday. Before then, there is much horse trading to be done.

The PSD won Sunday’s general election by some distance. After the redistribution of votes for those parties which did not make the five per cent parliamentary threshold, they appear to have come within just nine seats of being able to govern alone. ALDE will therefore be co-opted to form what will be a comfortable majority. The exact make-up of the new parliament (the actual number of seats each party has) will be formally announced tomorrow or Thursday.

The biggest question which still remains to be resolved is who will be named prime minister.

It looks increasingly likely as though the PSD’s leader Liviu Dragnea will nominate himself for the role when he meets Romanian President Klaus Iohannis tomorrow (All of the parties who made it into parliament have been invited to Cotroceni Palace tomorrow for ‘consultations.’)

However, in his first public statement since Sunday’s vote Iohannis earlier today reiterated what he said before the election campaign began: he does not intend to appoint a convicted criminal (or indeed, anyone who is currently under criminal investigation). When asked what he would do if the law (which forbids a criminal from taking a cabinet post) were to be changed, he said that the law was only ‘a secondary concern’: namely that decency and integrity are not limited to what’s on paper. Even if appointing a criminal as PM were not forbidden by law, what kind of message does it send? Both to the country as a whole and to Romania’s partners and allies abroad?

In short, Iohannis has no intention of naming Dragnea prime minister, and looks prepared to face a possible suspension in order to stick to his sound principles. For the first time since he was elected, it looks as though he has finally realised exactly what a president is actually meant to do.

The ball is now in Dragnea’s court. Will he back down and nominate a member of the PSD not currently under investigation for corruption? (Note: finding one will not be easy as you think). Or will he insist that the prime minister’s job must be his?

If he does, then expect fireworks. Iohannis declared war on Dragnea and the PSD today. We say bring it on.

Finally, can we just say that we find it genuinely shocking that some people seem to think that having a criminal as prime minister is not a problem. In fact, some are going even further and saying that Dragnea has to be PM as ‘that is the will of the people.’

No, ‘the people’ (or 18.7 per cent of them) voted for a PSD government. That does not give them right to impose a criminal upon the rest of us.

PS Dragnea today asked Dacian Ciolos (who remains prime minister until a new government is installed) not to cut the rate of VAT. This despite promising during the campaign to, ahem, cut the rate of VAT. Dragnea also asked Ciolos not to cut fuel duties, despite campaigning on a promise to, ahem, cut fuel duties.

All you fools who believed the PSD’s promises… The phrase is ‘useful idiots.’


8 thoughts on “Romania’s election: President declares war

  1. Look carefully on the PSD program! These cuts in VAT and fuel taxes were scheduled as of January the 1st, 2018!

    Other taxes have already been cut for 2017 (102 of them, actually) and other measures will be passed before January the 1st, 2017.

    We don’t have a real problem with the VAT, it’s the corporation tax that needs to be cut to ZERO. Hungary took it down to 9%, Bulgaria already had it at 10%, the UK is serious about lowering it at 15% so we’re becoming uncompetitive with our 12-year old 16% corporation tax.


    Dragnea MUST be the PM of Romania. The popular vote was also against the rigged justice system and all European ‘values’. All the rest of you who don’t like it –> come back in 4 years. This is how REAL DEMOCRACY works.

    If you want LIBERAL DEMOCRACY, where the popular vote doesn’t matter –> move your asses westwards.



    This is outrageous, despicable, it can’t even be imagined in a world of sane people!

    Instead of melting those pieces of shit and turning them into soap, as we should, we’re thinking about how to name them “so they don’t get offended”.

    What a pile of shit the West has become!

    And they’re shouting “Ohhhhhhh… Xenofobia… why do you hate us?!?!”

    That’s why we hate you, you morons. Because we’re sane people and you’re mentally ill. And instead of going in the backyard and hanging yourselves, you’re trying to impose your illness on us!!



    Sebastian Ghita (PRU) just announced that at the very moment when 10 members of the USR or of the progressive NGOs will gather on the streets in Romanian cities to protest, there will be 10 Romanians brought by the PRU standing next to them to counter their protests.

    Progressive NGOs = Terrorism


  4. Good read here!

    “Romania is also one of Europe’s poorest countries, its banking sector
    and export industry are almost entirely foreign owned, and its economic
    hardship sent close to a third of the labour force into emigration. Too
    many of its politicians, civil servants and business elite are corrupt,
    its population has some of the most conservative and authoritarian
    social values in Europe, and local millionaires have funded TV stations
    and parties peddling the standard right-wing populist fare.”


  5. Well, Mr Parmalat is clearly a man of strong opinions. Seems that he is joined by almost 50% of the Romanians who voted at the recent election.


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