Scarred Hearts

Inimi Cicatrizate (Scarred Hearts) is the latest work of the outstanding Romanian director Radu Jude, best known for 2015’s Aferim!, a somewhat violent yet necessary and worthy film which dealt with the still taboo subject of slavery in 19th century Romania.

Inimi Cicatrizate is a loose interpretation (the director’s own) of a synonymous novel by Max Blecher, who died at the tragically young age of 28 shortly after the book’s publication. Set in a sanatorium in 1937, the film is a series of not always intertwined vignettes which are by turns tragic, funny, surreal and provoking, with more than the occasional moment of slapstick.

The illness and disease that are everywhere at the sanatorium become a metaphor for the state of Europe as a whole at the time, rotting from the core and about to dragged into hell by fascists, of which Romania’s unspeakably evil Legionary Movement was one of the most appalling groups.

The good news for those of you who want to see the film and yet don’t speak or understand enough Romanian is that unusually, the film is being shown at a number of cinemas in Bucharest this week (and next) with English subtitles.

Here are the times of those subtitled showings in full:

Cinema City (AFI Cotroceni): Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 12:20 15:10 18:00 20:50; Monday 12:20 15:10 17:10 20:40
Grand Cinema & More (Baneasa Mall): Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 17:05; Saturday, Monday: 16:55
Cinema Muzeul Taranului: Tuesday 20:15
Cinema Elvira Popescu: Wednesday 19:00


One thought on “Scarred Hearts

  1. We don’t watch movies. They’re used for progressive, left-wing propaganda.

    We have our own opinions about what was right and wrong in the world.


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