The Week in Romania

There were skirmishes in Bucharest last weekend between protesters and gendarmes during a march in support of Romanian and Moldovan unification. The well-attended and generally peaceful march, organised by a Moldovan Group, Actiunea 2012, was intended to put pressure on Romania’s various political parties to take the issue of unification seriously ahead of December’s election. After the march had wound down, a number of protesters set up tents in Piata Universitatii and refused to leave until they had met with delegations from all of Romania’s major political parties. By Sunday night they had gone. Moldova votes for a new president in an election this Sunday.

President Klaus Iohannis reiterated his statement of earlier this month by once again telling reporters that he would not appoint a corrupt prime minister after the parliamentary election. ‘Security guards are not hired if they have criminal records,’ Iohannis said. ‘How could I trust a criminal with guarding Romania?’ Iohannis added that his comments were not directed against any particular party, but were met with criticism by PSD leader Liviu Dragnea who warned: ‘Iohannis is going to get a surprise after the election.’

Later in the week Dragnea declared that if the PSD does not win the election, he would resign as leader of the party.

Bucharest is to get an orbital railway. Making use of existing but unused infrastructure the railway will at first run from Gara Progresu in the south of the city to Gara de Nord, and will be ready by early next year. A number of existing stations will be renovated, and new halts built. The full loop will be completed by the end of 2018.


The total number of cases of measles registered in Romania this year approached 1000. Three people have died of the illness this month.


Romania will this Sunday commemorate one year since the fire at Colectiv, which killed 64 people and injured 200 more. There will be a march on Sunday from Piata Universitatii to Colectiv, where a memorial to those killed will be unveiled. The march departs Piata Universitatii at 1pm.

Another work of public art was removed from central Bucharest, apparently on the direct orders of Mayor Gabriela Firea who was ‘offended’ by the phallic sculpture. The removal comes just a couple of weeks after the daft Bicycle Lane/Parking Space affair we wrote about here. This time, the offending piece of art (Fiinta, by Marius Leonte) was part of a programme designed to promote young artists. As with the parking spaces installation, Bucharest City Council had previously approved the work of art.

What a cock up.

As for Firea, we hope for her sake she never visits Florence.

In the fourth round of the Romanain cup on Wednesday night, Dinamo Bucharest defeated Dinamo Bucharest Reserves 2-1.


10 thoughts on “The Week in Romania

    1. Maybe passers by can load their cars in trains and go around Bucharest instead of going through Bucharest… or maybe there’s some tourist interest for the cesspool at Glina from citizens living next to the corn fields at Varteju…


      1. The blocking of Rosia Montana gold exploitation was a Soros plot. Mungiu Pippidi herself admitted that Soros was involved in organizing the protests.

        Everything is possible, we can not rule out this possibility. Who knows what interests might be sitting below this apparently useless project…


  1. OMG OMG!!!

    Tomorrow morning I’m calling mayor Daniel Baluta to make sure we get into the project and build metro stations at both Drumul Gazarului – Soseaua Giurgiului AND Bulevardul Constantin Brancoveanu – Strada Nitu Vasile!!

    This is huge news for Berceni! We must get in now and lobby for our metro stations!


    1. UPDATE

      I spoke to Sector 4 mayor Daniel Baluta yesterday. He promised me that if it’s real, we’re getting into the project, to have two metro stations built in Berceni.

      Keep your fingers crossed!!


  2. One day left before the US presidential elections and I’m expressing my hope right here, right now:

    I hope America votes Hillary Clinton. Because America deserves to be weak, to sink and perish as a global power. for the evil they created around the world in the last 70 years.

    Trump’s policies would have strengthened the country too much, at the expense of the rest of the world.


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