A quick one on the Bucharest Metro

As our regular reader will know, we are huge fans of the Bucharest metro. We have spent far longer on it than most people, visiting every station on more than one occasion.

That said, it’s far from perfect. In fact, like public transport in this city in general, it’s unfortunately often rather crap (with little political will to do anything about it). The gap between trains can be appallingly long (even at peak hours), making carriages and station platforms dangerously crowded. The photo above was taken yesterday at Piata Victoriei, after serious delays (caused by a passenger being taken ill) had a knock-on effect that brought the entire M2 line to a halt.

Leaving aside (for now) the awful state of public transport in Bucharest, we have a question: Why was the station not closed once the overcrowding became serious? Why did M1 and M3 trains continue to stop at Piata Victoriei (an interchange station)?

We grew up on the Northern Line in London, not a stranger to long delays itself. Always, however, when stations became anything resembling overcrowded they would be closed immediately. In the case of interchange stations, other lines would not stop until any congestion had been cleared.

In the absence of a decent service, it looks as though a similar policy needs to be introduced in Bucharest.


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