The Week in Romania

A bear was shot in Sibiu after police had been unable to capture the animal unharmed. For more than four hours as many as 50 officers pursued the bear through the outskirts of the city before the decision was taken to shoot it with live ammunition. President Klaus Iohannis has called for a full inquiry. 

Romanians were for three days this week unable to use their health smartcards due to a software fault. Without the cards, doctors are unable to issue prescriptions or referrals to hospital specialists. The software, which has failed on a number of occassions since the cards became obligatory in 2014, was supllied to the Romanian health service by a company controlled by senator Sebastian Ghita, a close friend and ally of former prime minister Ponta. Ghita, like Ponta, faces trial on multiple counts of corruption. 

Proposals were announced that would see the speed limit in villages that straddle national roads (those designated DN) increased from 50kph to 70kph. Currently, only the DN1 allows drivers to pass through built-up areas at 70kph. The same piece of proposed legislation also includes changes to the way Romanians procure driving licenses. Practical tests would be videotaped, and driving schools whose pupils repeatedly fail their test would be closed.

An airline industry report this week revealed that the market share of Romanian flag carrier Tarom has fallen below 20 per cent for the first time. Hungarian airline Wizz Air remains the largest carrier in the country, accounting for almost a third of Romania’s annual seat capacity.


Bucharest’s Euro 2020 logo was unveiled by UEFA at a ceremony in the Romanian capital. It features, somewhat bizarrely, the Basarab bridge which carries traffic across the railway lines on the approach to Gara de Nord. Bucharest will host four games during the 2020 European Championship, three in the group phase and one in the second round. Bucharest was selected as a host city for the tournament on the condition that it had a metro line running from Otopeni airport to the city centre by the time the first match kicks off. Work on the line has yet to begin. 

Bucharest is also required to modernise four stadiums in which the participating teams will train: the Dinamo, Steaua, Rapid and National Rugby stadiums. It was announced that the total cost of the modernisation work would reach a staggeringly (and suspiciously) high €105 million, to be funded almost entirely by taxpayers. Expect to hear a lot more about this in the coming weeks.

Romanian boxer Cristian Ciocan hammered Erkan Teper of Turkey to win the WBO’s European Heavyweight title.


6 thoughts on “The Week in Romania

  1. Johannis is a nobody. Instead of dealing with Putin, with Obama or at least with Erdogan or Viktor Orban, he calls for investigations about dead animals.

    An incompetent and entitled rag, just like the ones who voted for him.


    1. Bliddy waste of tax payers money having 50 coppers all gagging to shoot a bear to death. Whoever decided to build a town next to a forest is the one that needs shooting.


  2. “Bucharest is also required to modernise four stadiums in which the participating teams will train:”…………..Roy Keane is going to go absolute Ape shit crazy then!


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