Romanian Senate to ‘salute’ convicted rapist

Convicted rapist and registered sex offender Mike Tyson will tomorrow attend a session of the Romanian Senate. At the invitation of PNL Senator Ben-Oni Ardelean, the general secretary of the Senate, Tyson will apparently be ‘saluted’.

Why? Why is such an appalling human being even in Romania in the first place?

To answer our own question: he is promoting an energy drink, Black Energy.

Now another question: Which genius at which PR agency decided that a rapist would be the perfect image for their product? (Which we notice they are marketing as ‘the sexiest energy drink’).

We took a brief look at how the delightful Romanian sporting press is reporting the visit.

Gazeta Sporturilor makes no mention to his conviction, merely ‘scandals.’ Pro Sport doesn’t even go that far, simply reporting that ‘Iron Mike’ will meet stars of Romanian boxing.

Making a rapist feel right at home. Another victory for women’s rights in Romania.

We closed the comments on this post because the way it was going we were not too far away from the first ‘they’re all asking for it’ type of intervention.


8 thoughts on “Romanian Senate to ‘salute’ convicted rapist

  1. I always thought that if you had served your time, apologised for your past behaviour and were trying to make something positive of your life then people should be given a chance. Just a cursory look at his life will show that he has recognised mental health issues, constantly battles drug and alcohol addiction. By attacking him in this way, you merely push him back into a spiral of behaviour that he wishes to avoid. Yes, women should be free of male violence but this is not the way to do it. People are not stupid, they know his past. Live and let live.


      1. See above: they can.

        But (and maybe I am old fashioned and not quite as liberal as I thought) certain things – murder, rape, child abuse etc. – should make their perpetrators personae non grata for life.

        You’d be happy to see Roman Polanski in the Romanian Senate?


      2. First I want to state the obvious and say that rape is clearly a truly awful crime. However, I think Tyson’s rape conviction is not 100% clear. I don’t know that he did or didn’t rape her. I mean he could well have raped her or it is also possible that she claimed to be raped in order to make lots of money. It was a he said, she said case.There was motivation on both sides.

        Courts rulings are not necessarily the truth. O. J. Sipson was clearly guilty but was found ‘not guilty’ of murder. Michael Jackson was highly likely to have been a paedophile…

        Would you be happy to see Tony Blair who has lied and been instrumental in the deaths of many tens thousands of innocent people in the Romanian Senate?


    1. I am not sure people do know his past.

      As for serving your time, apologising and moving on… all well and good in the case of lesser offences, but we are talking about a vicious rape and repeated wife beating here. But I guess we all draw our moral lines in different places.


    1. Far from it. I’ve never raped anyone though, nor do I think rapists are socially acceptable people. Still, I am clearly out of sync with Romanian public opinion on this particular matter.


  2. What he did may not even qualify as rape by Eastern standards. It’s only the Western paranoid society that shouts rape whenever a man and a woman interact.

    So we can’t rely on the Western opinion about Mike Tyson. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a person as honorable as any other person.



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