Friday feeling

Son of Bucharest Life usually comes home from school on Friday in a good mood. It’s the end of the week, that Friday feeling etc. 

This Friday however he walked in utterly jubilant, beaming with a grin from ear to ear. This is most peculiar behaviour: like most 14-year-olds, ours thinks smiling takes years off your life.

Something was clearly going on. He soon revealed what: 

‘Got me wages’ he said, waving a wad of 50 lei notes in the air. 

We were none the wiser: he certainly doesn’t have a part-time job (we are obliged here to point out that we were lumping sacks of spuds around Lower Marsh when we were his age).

Had he been to the betting shop and backed a winner? Blackmailing classmates? Embezzling the fondul clasei

None of the above. 

He got the money from the school secretary, all 1350 lei of it. All above board, no strings attached. 

Apparently the money is some kind of retroactive grant/bursary/prize for getting decent grades and competing in academic Olympiads, that kind of thing. 

What’s more, it appears that this is prize money for classes 5 and 6. He is now in class 8, so there’s more to come. 

Rewarding dilligent pupils. How revolutionary. 

We’ve always said how much we loved the Romanian education system…


4 thoughts on “Friday feeling

  1. A pub down memory lane. Do you remember Craig where the location for a pub called “Underground” was? I don’t mean the one that was situated on Calea Victoriei. The one I’m thinking of was inside a pretty villa close to Parcul Herastrau. Was in business roughly between 1999-2002.


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