The Week in Romania

Senator resigns in response to street protests

Thousands of Romanians demonstrated outside the country’s senate on Thursday in protest at its refusal to allow investigators to open criminal proceedings against former minister of the interior Gabriel Oprea.

In October 2015 one of Oprea’s police motorcycle outriders, Bogdan Gigina, was killed while escorting the then interior minister home from a restaurant. Oprea was not entitled to a police escort for the trip. The senator is also alleged to have ordered his escort to travel at speeds too fast for the wet conditions.

Romania’s anti-corruption unit, the DNA, wants to investigate Oprea on charges of manslaughter. The senate has now three times refused to lift Oprea’s  parliamentary immunity, as members of the PSD, PRU and ALDE parties close ranks around him.

Cynically, Oprea himself said on Thursday that the senate should vote again on the matter. The law – as he probably knows all too well – does not allow for a new vote.

Following threats of new protests on Friday, Oprea finally announced late in the afternoon that he would resign as a senator.

Western Romania hit by deadly measles outbreak

As if Romania didn’t have enough problems, it was announced on Wednesday that the country was currently suffering its worst outbreak of measles in years. Three babies have died of the disease this year, with the number of recorded cases topping 650.

Alarmingly, Romania’s vaccination rate is among the lowest in the developed world, currently under 75 per cent and way below safe levels for herd immunity. In Arad, in the west of Romania, there are localities where the vaccination rate is reportedly now as low as 50 per cent.

A well-known anti-vaccination (and anti-medicine in general) campaigner, former TV presenter Olivia Steer, has since come in for fierce criticism. The ministry of health meantime has brought forward plans to force a compulsory vaccination bill through parliament.

Bucharest is Europe’s eighth faster growing visitor destination

Mastercard on Friday launched its annual Global Destination Cities Index. The most visited city in the world this year is Bangkok, with more than 21 million overnight visitor arrivals. London is in second place, with Paris third.

Bucharest – contrary to the popular belief that it is swerved by tourists – does very well: it is the eighth fastest growing visitor destination in Europe, and will welcome well over a million visitors this year. May, June, September and October are the busiest months.


You can download the full report here.

We, meantime, are off to prepare a new edition of our Bucharest In Your Pocket guide: the only one that any of these million visitors will ever actually need…

Romania on the rails

Romania was featured in a new episode of Michael Portillo’s generally excellent BBC series Continental Railway Journeys.

Although Portillo couldn’t resist a few cliches (Dracula not the least of them) Romania looked rather gorgeous in what we think was one of the more objective travel programmes to feature the country in recent years.


We also noticed that Portillo uses private Regiotrans and not CFR services wherever possible.

You can watch the programme on the BBC iPlayer here. If you are not in the UK (or do not have a VPN), sign up with Romania-based Proxmate for a free trial of their very easy to use browser extension that allows you to watch content from a variety of countries.


42 thoughts on “The Week in Romania

  1. Vaccination is murder! People shouldn’t allow their children to be vaccined.

    Muslim children don’t need vaccines. They are healthy and cross the sea in boats, while our children are being killed with vaccines.

    Multinational pharma corporations are selling poison!


    1. Ask any doctor brandishing a needle if they would pump that shit into their own kids…guaranteed they would say no fucking way pedro! Now roll up your child’s sleeve please. Why do you think that shitloads of Africans are fleeing their countries? They’re trying to escape from Bill Gates and his army of armed doctors!


      1. What a pair of bozos you two are. Why is it do you think, that Muslims and Africans in general, emigrate from places with low vaccination rates to places wit higher vaccination rates?


      2. They are moving from poorer countries to richer ones. And part of the reason richer countries are richer is that they have better health. Part of the reason they have better health? Vaccination.


      3. I would be moving to Congo if they gave me money for free. They would be moving to Antarctica if somebody gave them money for free.

        It doesn’t matter how rich a country is, all that matters is what you can make of it. If you can make money for free, you’re going even if it’s at the end of the Earth.


      4. It’s not a valid argument. They’re not migrating to richer countries and certainly they’re not migrating to get vaccinated. They’re migrating because somebody’s offering them money for free.

        Take away the free money and they will be migrating back to where they came from.


      5. I’m not sure if you are being intentionally obtuse, but the alternative is rather worrying.
        I do not say say that people travel to be vaccinated, I do say that vaccinating people makes for a healthier population that can then produce. Richer countries vaccinate more than poorer ones. Richer countries have healthier populations.
        Your counter argument is, amazingly enough, that people travel for money, which is exactly what I’m saying. Richer countries have more money than poorer ones. What exactly is it that you are unable to understand?


      6. Vaccinations have eradicated terrible diseases like smallpox and polio from the developed and also the non-developed world.
        Craig Turp could post a piece about blueberry muffins — Parmalat and Mr Rearguard would heavy-breathe about their own obsessions in response.


      7. The richest countries on Earth right now are Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and China. Yet nobody travels to them. People only travel to those bankrupt Western countries that give them money for free.

        You can’t say that countries in the West have healthier populations, because their populations are affected by disease which is not present in poorer countries that don’t vaccinate. One example is obesity, but there are countless other examples like autism, autoimmune diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases, psychiatric diseases etc…

        Many of these diseases may be caused by vaccination itself.

        So not only that Western countries are poor (most of their debts exceed their GDPs), but their populations are not healthier either. Physically or mentally.

        Yet they are vaccinating. And creating more problems for their populations as they go along vaccinating.


      8. The fact that you think that China (GDP per head of around $8,000) is one of the richest countries in the world, says it all. The other countries you mention depend on the price of oil and foreign know how. If all the foreigners left Qatar, I doubt that the natives could build a bicycle between them. Romania has more future than the emirates, at least the people here can actually manufacture things.

        There are different ways of measuring health, but longevity is one of the best ways. Here is a list:

        Like all 12 year olds who spend 5 minutes on the internet you come up with the old story that vaccination causes autism, etc. Provide evidence.

        Your problem is that you would really like for western countries to be failing miserably and therefore try to bend the evidence to suit your preconceived ideas. Try to be a bit more objective.


      9. I can’t provide evidence, because it’s hidden by government and multinational corporations. Only whistleblowers can provide evidence.

        But I can provide several studies that have not ruled out and more or less suggested (if you read between the lines) a correlation between vaccination and the emergence of autoimmune diseases.

        Which is actually simple to figure out if you still have some instincts left and are not completely brainwashed by multinational corporations: artificially altering the body’s immune system times and times over is a certain way of creating at one point in time an error in the body’s immune process.

        I don’t need evidence to figure out such a simple thing.


      10. “I can’t provide evidence, because it’s hidden by government and multinational corporations”
        I have a colander that I’m happy to lend to you so that you can put over your head to stop ‘government and multinational corporations’ from reading your brainwaves.


      11. I’m sure that when government and multinational corporations will be able to read brainwaves, the Chinese will invent some device that will allow us to mask our thoughts.


      12. Arse wipe! What are you 12?

        The important thing is for people such as yourself not to take any vaccines or medicines of any type, that way the average IQ of humanity will go up naturally. I just feel for any children you many have.


      13. I didnt think they were getting money for free… I thought they were coming over here and taking our jobs! Has this changed now??


      14. You mean Oran (Oran????) that when you arrive back at work on a Monday morning, you’ll find a black bloke sitting at your desk counting his first pay packet? That kind of taking your jobs away? Nah I think your miles off sunbeam?


      15. Ok I get it. You are an ignorant racist. I see from your other comments you think you are smarter than everyone else yet you revert to childish insults in all your comments rather than posting any relevant facts to backup your ignorant claims. Reminds me of the behaviour of a Mr Trump.


      16. And again, just a childish attempt at being demeaning/offensive… either you are a child (so then fair play) or you really should get a grip.
        Yes, a racist is a person who thinks one race is superior to another. I understand you seem to think you are superior to everyone, but why do think it is unfair that other races (Africans, Arabs, etc) should “get money for free” but your race (I assume white Caucasian?) can?? I also notice you deleted your original comment? Why?

        Anyway, either you are a sad troll or I am having a rather pathetic argument with a keyboard warrior – enjoy your day!


      17. Superior race? As in 4 hands, 4 legs and 2 brains? Not really…

        Superior culture? Superior economy? Superior skills? Hell yeah!!

        If that’s what these mother f*ckers mean by ‘racist’, then count me in! As I said: I will be racist forever!


      18. I noticed that Ozzy Boy didn’t reply back with regards to me being a waycist! No doubt Ozzy’s busy having an online fight with a Daily Fail reader somewhere in cyberzoneville!?!?


      19. These brainwashed clowns never answer after they throw in their ‘racist’ shit. We can easily send them packing if we stand up to them.


      20. I’m a racist too. That’s what my instincts tell me to be.

        Because I can’t be that mentally retarded to believe what politicians and mainstream media tell me: “all people are the same”, “don’t be racist” etc…

        You can stick your tolerance in your brainwashed asses.

        Racism will exist as long as there will be races on Earth.


      21. What jobs? There were 30 million people out of work in Europe before immigrants started to come.

        They can only take welfare, there are no jobs for them.


  2. Michael Portillo is a well known predatory paedophile! Why promote a vile sick kunt like that here on your website??? Shame on you Craig if you don’t remove that cretins name from here ASAP!!!


  3. Didn’t manage to watch that episode on the BBC iPlayer, but I found a decent enough upload on Youtube (though I suspect it won’t last long until it’s taken down). I was impressed that despite mentioning the usual cliches, it actually tackled a host of subjects that aren’t normally on the top list when it comes to Romanian tourism. Usually these programs are “Transylvania this, Dracula that” to the point they get tedious. The show still covered these bases, true, but it also showed that Romania is so much more than just that. I honestly didn’t expect this to go into the disfigurement that Bucharest went through in the 80s and I also never thought it would take a BBC series to show me how impressive those hundred year old cereal silos in Constanța really are. Truly marvels of early 20th century industrial architecture.


    1. Offensive and stupid video. Also has nothing to do with anything on this blog. From reading most of your posts, you must be one of the most ignorant and easily swayed people that post here.


      1. Easily swayed? But I’m not one of the millions of fools being told what to think and say by the mainstream media, unlike you Jeffers my son! ps. I very much doubt you even watched the video, because your ego and pride prevents you from doing so tut tut tut.


    1. Please explain? I have travelled alot with work, mostly throughout Europe and consider OTP a reasonable airport. It is certainly at a higher standard than many other facilities in Romania.


      1. They want to get it.

        They recently started a teasing campaign in the media to destroy the image of the airport.

        They want to force the government to sell it.

        Adrian Thiess is involved on behalf of some big European interests and they are preparing the field for the sell-off of the airport.


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