For Turkey read Romania. For Gulen read Soros

It is no secret that former Romanian prime minister and proven fraudster Victor Ponta is a good friend of the Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan. Nor should the fact come as a surprise to anyone who was unaware of it: nasty pieces of work tend to stick together.

What should be of concern to us all however is the increasing number of similarities between the two, which reached something of an inevitable yet worrying crescendo last night when Ponta went on the Antena 3 news channel to talk about a ‘sect’ that now controlled Romania. The ‘Soros Sect’ he called it, much in the same way that Erdogan in Turkey has denounced and arrested tens of thousands of members of the so-called ‘Gulen Sect’ he claims wants to overthrow his awful regime.

According to Ponta, current prime minister Dacian Ciolos has become a ‘captive’ of the ‘Soros Sect’.

‘Make no mistake, this sect exists’, Ponta explained. ‘It is made up of people who received bursaries to study abroad where they were brainwashed into thinking that the PSD is corrupt and full of communists, and that people only vote for the party because they are given a sack of flour in exchange. This is fascist thinking.’

Ponta also said that it was not right that Romania did not enjoy friendly relations ‘with all of its neighbours’. He didn’t mention Russia by name, but we know what he meant.

Oh dear. He really has lost it.

And be certain that if the PSD forms the next government, anyone who doesn’t take part in the daily five minutes of hate against Romania’s greatest enemy George Soros (organised by Iulian Capsali probably) will be arrested, a la Turkey.


33 thoughts on “For Turkey read Romania. For Gulen read Soros

  1. Orban Viktor is another who believes that George Soros is by far the biggest problem facing his country and who is actively campaigning to try and overthrow him. He’s a busy man, is Soros.

    Love the bit about how it’s studying abroad that is the problem here. Not like “studying” at home where you can copy paste your thesis.


    1. Absolutely. Loved the idea that you have to brainwashed into thinking that the PSD is corrupt and full of communists.

      I once defended Soros by telling somebody that in the late 1960s he defied the South African government and financed the education of thousands of black students at the University of Cape Town.

      ‘Exactly!’ I was told. ‘He defied the rightful government of a country that is not his.’


      1. Soros’ interference in nations affairs is becoming an issue worldwide. For the first time in history, nations and societies are getting aware of the problem and are becoming increasingly willing to address it.

        Personally I’m sure that Soros’ death will bring a new wave of freedom and economic growth on Earth, as everything that he represents today (environmental activists, homosexuals rights activists, minorities rights activists etc…) will be routed and the parallel states which they created by infiltrating national institutions and the press will be destroyed.


      2. I’m sure you’re right. I am sure that for example, the moment Soros dies, I will suddenly realise that caring about human rights and freedoms and attempting to create a better future was something I was brainwashed into believing. Me and millions of others.


      3. Believing in human rights and freedoms has nothing to do with the way Soros and his sect act around the planet.

        When Soros dies, you should realise the right of the free people of the world to live according to their will, not according to a sick vision imposed upon them by force.

        The right to self determination is a human right too.


      4. And one not shared by Putin/Ponta et al. Your brave new world in which we’re not free to be tolerant of others or to have our own identity (should we be gay, or from another country, or another race, or whatever) sounds like “self-determination” for the few to me


      5. You can be tolerant of whoever you want, but you shouldn’t force tolerance onto people who may not wish to be tolerant.

        Same goes for identity: you can be gay in your home but not force normal people or public opinion into accepting you.

        Forcing your minoritary beliefs onto other people always leads to conflict and rejection, especially when those other people are the majority.


      6. Know what? I’m 50 years old, and I’ve never ever seen anyone “forcing people” to accept the existence of homosexuality. Me calling you a bigoted cunt is not me forcing you to accept it, by the way, it’s just me telling you you are are a bigoted cunt. Which you are.


      7. You see? You’re trying to shame me into adopting your views. Shaming people is a way of forcing them to renounce their views.

        Which is obviously not going to happen in this case. On the contrary: I will become even more radicalized in my own views.

        What you don’t understand is that at global scale you’re a minority and a minority can not impose their views on the majority, not even with Soros on their side.

        Nowhere in the world (except for some countries that make up less than 5% of the world population) are homosexuals treated as normal. The level of homosexual rejection starts from ignoring, marginalizing and ultimately ends with throwing them off buildings.


      8. There are no irons anywhere being thrown off buildings. That’s the pro-homo owned and controlled mainstream media telling porkie pies as usual.


      9. The Islamic State had thrown quite a few of them off buildings. Angry mobs finished off the job on the ground by stoning.

        We have a lot to learn from these bastards…


      10. I’m not trying to shame you into adopting my views. I have no illusions that me calling you a bigoted cunt is going to change your mind. Indeed in my experience bigoted cunts tend to wear the label bigoted cunt as a badge of honour

        I’m not trying to impose my views on you. You are free to be a bigoted cunt in your own home (to use your own formulation). What you are not free to do in any civilised world is to translate those views into actual acts of violence and or incitement to violence


      11. Who said anything about violence!?

        We have laws, we don’t need violence.

        For example we can ban homosexual marriage (which we are doing), ban homosexual propaganda, cultural events etc…

        We did witness a strong start with the 3 million signatures against homosexual marriage, but it’s not enough.

        We need to do more to address the homosexual problem.

        For example I called for a tax on homosexuality…


      12. ” I’ve never ever seen anyone “forcing people” to accept the existence of homosexuality”……….Have you not caught a glimpse of BBC in recent years? I don’t watch tv anymore but I’m sure it’s still got it’s raging iron’s agenda going strong? They are beaming this shit into people’s homes…isn’t that forcing?


      13. You feel “forced” by the occasional appearace of a gay person on TV? Blimey you must be really insecure in your own worldview if the appearance of, I dunno, Graham Norton, makes you feel like you are being browbeaten into “gayness” or whatever it is you’re so terrified of.


      14. Oh come off it Andy Hokey Cokey, they’re all raging irons on TV, all of them! I’m not insecure but with so many irons on the box, enough is enough is enough! A got their point. They only employ irons in “The Business”!


      15. Did you see the show last night about the Soros sect???

        Look (starting from 26:20)!!!:

        They’re crushing the Soros sect in prime time on the most watched Romanian news station!!! THE GLOBAL REVOLUTION AGAINST PROGRESSIVE TIRANNY HAS BEGUN!


      16. .. and way below ProTV (16.27), Antena 1 (11.81) and Kanal D (9.48). I guess RTV is the fourth most watched Romanian news station…


      17. Those are generalistic tv stations.

        News tv stations, which discuss politics and whose viewers always go out to vote, are Antena 3 and RTV


      18. Well, at least I’m not brainwashed by Latrina 3 or Cacania TV (and, from what I hear, Labe 1 TV has joined their club…)


      19. But you are brainwashed Craig? 100% brainwashed, guaranteed my son! You foolishly follow what you hear, see and read in the mainstream media!


    2. It’s difficult for me to understand what useful things students could be learning by studying in bankrupt countries, whose debts exceeds their GDP.

      On the other hand, they study in those countries and they come back intoxicated with absurd ideas of “tolerance”, “multiculturalism” etc… which are clearly wrong and applied nowhere else in the world except for the above bankrupt countries.


  2. We need to reinstate Democracy for what it’s supposed to be: the rule of the Majority over minorities.

    Assimilation should be the way forward for minorities, not autonomy. All rights granted to minorities should by no means interfere with the long term goal of assimilation.


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