School’s in

If summer holidays do anything, it’s prove George Bernard Shaw’s mantra that school is just a convenient place where parents can park their kids for prolonged periods each day.

Both son and daughter of Bucharest Life went back to school today, a mere three months after their summer holidays began. That feeling of freedom from the daily routine, and of being on holiday even when you are working went with them. Early mornings are now the norm from here until Christmas.

Gone too are the blissful summer days of an empty city. You can always tell when the kids are on holiday in Bucharest by the complete lack of traffic. Cross-city trips can be made in just a few minutes. This morning the traffic was back to its usual self: inching along at speeds barely faster than walking pace.

It’s been a good summer though. Holidays in Greece and London, weekends away in Bulgaria (including a trek to the top of that country’s highest mountain: read about that here), and the annual pilgramage to the countryside.

We also finally ditched our decrepit Opel Astra this summer and bought a new car. The sorry tale of registering it (a bureaucratic mess that tries the patience and humanity of the best of us) will no doubt be the subject of a future post.

Finally, while still on the subject of education, we were contacted earlier this summer by an American couple living in Bucharest (in our own Sector 3) who wanted some advice on how to register their son at school.

We found out last week that the boy had been denied a place at his local school on what would appear to be no legal grounds whatsoever. He was not allowed to start school today. We have told the couple to appeal directly to the Ministry of Education: denying a child a place at school is an abomination.


29 thoughts on “School’s in

  1. Summer holidays are over and the school indoctrination program starts up again. That Yank kid has been saved from a load of old government bullshit, good for him!


    1. Education is useless because the world economy reached a point where further innovation requires immense resources.

      So the need for specialists appears only when the resource condition has been met.

      Muslims didn’t need an education to conquer and colonize Europe.

      Unfortunately, this process of unraveling of the world economy like a game of dominoes is so slow… I’d love to live the day when $ won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.


      1. All money is printed out of thin air. Ever wondered why money forgers get huge prison sentences? The jews who print money don’t like anyone else muscling in on their scam!


  2. Why aren’t there ring roads that allow people from different corners of Bucharest to cross the city without driving into the center? I have never understood who actually makes the decisions in Bucharest? Much of what goes on here is illogical. #notfiringonallfourcylinders #backwater


      1. He only has one or two things in his peabrain mind that he has ever typed here and has a distinct lack of self-awareness.
        In short, he’s a twat.


    1. No, it doesn’t work like that. His parents were not asking for English language teaching. Merely that he be allowed to go to school and learn (in Romanian). At that age, children pick up languages in weeks

      It makes no difference whether the child can speak the language of instruction (and by the way, this child can): all children have a right to an education regardless of their nationality, background etc. The school in question has broken the law.


      1. It’s not that easy.

        We have to see on what grounds the school rejected that kid. There are many reasons for which a national system (education, insurance, pension etc…) may reject an applicant:

        LEGEA nr. 1 din 05.01.2011 – LEGEA EDUCATIEI NATIONALE


        ART. 45

        (3) La toate formele de invatamant in limba romana, in limbile minoritatilor nationale sau in limbi de circulatie internationala, se poate inscrie si pregati orice cetatean roman sau cetatean din tarile Uniunii Europene si Confederatia Elvetiana, indiferent de limba sa materna si de limba in care a studiat anterior.

        Which means that in the Romanian educational system – only Romanian children, EU national children or Swiss children can attend courses.

        Because the Romanian primary educational system is free (subsidized by the Romanian state). And there is obviously no agreement of reciprocity or similar arrangements in place between Romania and the United States, in regard to the primary educational system.

        Same goes for taxation: there are bilateral double taxation agreements in place so as to prevent the taxation of profits in two jurisdictions at the same time. Preventing double taxation between two jurisdiction is not something taken for granted; political action is needed.


        Americans are already getting too much from this country and offering nothing in return.


      2. If that’s the law then it needs changing, as it is in breach of UNICEF’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Throughout Europe, children of all backgrounds – EU or not – are accepted at school as a matter of course. Romania must not be an exception.

        PS The education system is not free. It is funded via taxation. I pay for my children’s education via the taxes I pay each month.


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