Once again, Victor Ponta outdoes himself

As we may have mentioned once or twice before, it is not easy to win the much-coveted ‘Biggest Scumbag in Romanian Politics’ award. The competition (which encompasses the vast majority of the Romanian political class) is fierce.

Time and time again in recent years however, one politician has managed to stand head and shoulders above all others: Victor Ponta.

Ponta, a former prime minister, is – you will no doubt remember – a proven fraud who copied large parts of his doctoral thesis. He is also facing trial for acts of corruption.

Yesterday the charming Ponta declared – with tongue nowhere near his cheek – that during 2014’s presidential election (in which he was humiliatingly defeated by Klaus Iohannis) queues of voters had formed outside Romanian embassies around the world not because there was a deliberate attempt to prevent them from voting (there was) but instead because

‘members of the diaspora stood in the same queue three or four times, so that it would look bad on television.’

Victor Ponta: you are a total shit.


12 thoughts on “Once again, Victor Ponta outdoes himself

  1. When he was in charge of the country he sacrificed the interests of Romanian citizens for whatever he could get from Bruxelles and from the Americans. When Bruxelles and the Americans dictated, Ponta executed.

    Of course, Americans weren’t stupid. They promised him nice things, they promised they will allow him to steal and then they worked behind his back to bring him down. That’s what they did to Nastase too, and many others.

    However, nowadays Ponta seems to have evolved into euro-skeptical and anti-american at the same time. After years in which he was concerned to execute what they dictated to him, now he comes and tells us that the EU wants to shut down Complexul Energetic Oltenia and that there’s an attack going on against small and medium sized Romanian entrepreneurs.

    No shit, Ponta?!

    Why the hell didn’t you tell us these things when you were in charge of the country?

    Why didn’t you tell us that Americans promised to allow you to steal if you cleared the ground for their corporations by destroying the small and medium sized Romanian entrepreneurs?


      1. I’ve never stolen anything in my life unlike the many Romanian thieves who have stolen things from me! Ceausescu was shot almost 27 years ago. Romania’s surveillance state needs to end. #thirdtiereurope

        I really have no idea how Romanians think. It’s not a Western way of thinking. The mentality here is some kind of amalgam of Turkish/Byzantine. It’s not European.


      2. You go around taking photos of people up close and too personal without asking their permission first. That’s some kind of stealing.


      3. It’s American, actually. The surveillance state was imported from the US. Right now the surveillance level in Romania is higher than the US will ever dream of.

        Following you around the supermarket? That’s bullshit. The SRI already knows what’s your favorite cheese. All credit card transactions from all merchants are reported.

        When that cheese become subject of an embargo from the US, the SRI will be looking for you because you will be compromising the interests of the Romanian state.


  2. Ponta is actually a Progressive (although I voted for him because I thought he was a Reactionary), but he didn’t take part in any Soros program and that’s why they hate him and that’s why he probably feels frustration.

    Soros Progressives only love Progressives of their own, not of any other kind.


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