Taxis at Otopeni (part 94)

Returning from London last night we had absolutely no problem whatsoever in finding a taxi at Otopeni. This report from last month was apparently true.

Despite arriving at just after midnight (a notoriously busy time when three or four planes land one after the other) there was no queue at the dispensing machines and although our first choice, Meridian, reported ‘No taxis available’ the machine dispensing tickets for Cobalcescu and Cristaxi provided us with a taxi in four minutes. In fact, by the time we had withdrawn some lei from the cashpoint and made our way outside, the taxi was already there (as were a number of shyster taxis, so do be careful).

Ours is but one example, but it would therefore appear that the taxi chaos Otopeni inflicted upon itself back in the spring is now over.

For how long is anyone’s guess.

PS Do not think for one minute that Otopeni is now an efficient airport. It isn’t. It remains a national disgrace. The queues at security and passport control get longer every time we use the place. It’s also still very disorienting for first-time arrivals.


5 thoughts on “Taxis at Otopeni (part 94)

  1. Yep, definitely better on Monday this week than it has been the last few months.

    About a month ago the passport control queues on departure were beyond a disgrace & the worst I’ve ever seen, but since then the airport has evidently realised something needs doing and there is at least now a proper queuing system in place, at both outbound and inbound passport control – which does seem to have helped a little.


  2. ” The queues at security and passport control get longer every time “………..Security, what’s that all about? Nobody checks me if I were to get on to a packed bus or train.


  3. Just flew in from Paris on Monday night. Otopeni is going to need an upgrade soon. In all my years here, I never saw as many people as I did at passport control and arrivals. Getting a taxi was like Chinese water torture. The airport was simply not designed for the numbers traveling today. Ceausescu never planned for masses of Romanians to be traveling abroad nor did he imagine so
    many foreigners would be interested in visiting Romania. Passport Control needs more windows, baggage claim needs more than three carousels and the arrivals hall should be at least twice the size. Otopeni is like a regional airport in any other EU country. It’s far too small for a city of 3 million people and tourism increasing exponentially.


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